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I want to join the intelligence corps but also want to go to Welbeck College?

I have seen that there is something called a WPS student. If I understand correctly, this is for people not wishing to join the military. Would it be possible for me to join as a WPS student and then join the intelligence corps?

Thanks in advance
Yeah but you have to pay a load more money. Best way to do it is to join as a military student (get a place and Sandbags and pay less for Welbeck) and get your £4k bursary at uni (if it's still around by then). Get to Sandhurst, try and commish into Int Corps and pay back bursary (is taken bit by bit).

If you're a WPS then you'll miss the opportunity to take the Welbeck board and secure a place at RMAS plus pay high fees for Welbeck.
You probably want to get one of the moderators to put this into the offer recruiting bit as Welbeck is geared around educating potential officers.

My understanding is that Welbeck primarily feeds the technical corps (REME, RLC, RE, etc) with officers. In theory if you go to Welbeck you are not allowed to go to the non-technical arms. I have no idea if the Int Corps is on the "Welbeck list" of approved corps.

Am I right in thinking you want to be an officer? Also why Welbeck? I believe that the Army has sixth form scholarships which would enable you have the army pay for you to go to a private school/sixth form college, but without being tied to any particular part of the Army afterwards. Inevitably, there will be someone else able to provide more detailed advice than I.
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