Weirdest place youve had a stiff one?

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by crabby, Feb 19, 2006.

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  1. We seem to have been through them all, weirdest place you've had a sh*te, weirdest place you've whacked one out etc... but what about those times when your towel rail was firm, but you couldn't do anything about it?

    My top two are back of a freezing mk9 lynx in a cloud (must be all that vibration...)

    On the bog alternating between puking and having the squits from drinking unpurified water, 5 weeks of frustration has to be the reason I was so aroused at my own bodily fluids movements :S
  2. Me nans house.
  3. Final exam on a First Aid Course. I was doing a secondary survey on a very fit bird and before I knew it I had somewhere to hang my triangular bandages
  4. On Ice Blast that big thing at Blackpool that goes up and down really fast.
  5. Maths lesson, however thinking of equations *does* work to get it to calm down. However, thinking of any old munter usually works.
  6. In my mums bottom
  7. ditto.
  8. Hasn't everyone? We're talking about the weirdest, not the most common :p
  9. In my bottom
  10. In a German forest watching a mess tin of baked beans coming to the boil, I was a very confused lance corporal, and very lonely
  11. Can girls join in with this? I know we don't get stiffies, but we get the female equivalent of...................... :wink:
  12. Right here right now. Sh1t. Did I just say that out loud? Well look at barbie's avatar.PHHWWWOOOOAAAARRRRR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  13. Fablo, what the hell is your Avatar?
  14. Not really sure. It just looked better than its predecessor which was crap. :?
  15. Waving it at some bint in a VW polo while I was hanging out of a 4 tonner.

    Also had a twitch in my trousers at my mate's grandma's funeral.