Weirdest hobby ?

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by Ciggie, Sep 29, 2010.

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  1. I collect pussy experience from different countries. Some, of course do trains and stamps.
  2. I collect womens underwear from clotheslines.
  3. I collect Arrsers...only joking.

    Had a go at kite surfing, under duress, thought as I wind surf it would be a doodle. Haha won't make that mistake again, scared me shItless.
  4. I masterbate using a sock and 2 pillows :)
  5. Only 2. You poof. Or poofeay, as we used to say in a civilised lounge - call that a drawing room. Kids sat on that sort of furniture, banned now, you might fall and hurt yourself
  6. Joined the TA
  7. Now come on, not on the pillows I might add, the TA get loads of knocks, but at least they are showing willing, eh?!PS, I aint a TA, but I give em 10/10 for trying.
  8. I'm building a Fritzl cellar.
  9. It's been done!

    Where's the twist? Is it under Fritzl's cell?
  10. No, Natasha Kampusch's house. It is my desire to merge Fritzl and Priklopil that drives my hobby.
  11. I came across a bloke who collected trafficators - the things that poke out of Morris Minors and the like. That was a bit weird, imho. He was also, clearly, a child molester.

    Worse still is the chap who goes to agricultural shows with a collection of scissors and eye-baths.

    As for me, I joined the RAF, so I'm not going to take the high moral ground.
  12. My hobby is picking my nose and flicking the boggies at people who walk past my desk. If they stop for a chat then I sort of lay my hand on them and make sure I wipe the boggies onto their arm, shirt or shoulder. Makes me smile

  13. I don't have a hobby, I don't have time. What with sitting at my living room window all day rubbing myself discretely as the pretty ladies walk by, how would I fit it in?
  14. duckula - have you not thought about standing for Parliament? You'd fit in a treat there.
  15. Does anyone, or has anyone in the past smelled seats and chairs after people have sat on them ?