Weirder and Weirder,what is the World coming to?.

Discussion in 'The ARRSE Hole' started by tuffy52, May 8, 2013.

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  1. Another step on China's road to world domination.... Cycling Attack Bears!
  2. The monkey blatantly cuts up the bear and deserverves everything it gets. Apparantly the bear is called Suarez.
    Bradley Wiggins wants them both tested aswell!.
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  3. One of the little buggers tries to cheat by cutting across the track, no wonder the bear was enraged. 10 race ban at most IMO.
  4. So there's the big black bear tucking into a nice bit of monkey steak and one of the handlers thinks it's a good idea to try pulling him around the arena by his tail. Could easily have been a Darwin award candidate.
  5. I can only wish the bear had started chewing on its handlers or at least the audience.
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  6. Despite the monkey wearing a helmet cam and capturing every second of the attack, the bear wasn't charged.

    There was a hoo-ha in the papers here a year or two back about some place in China where you could buy live chickens and whatnot and throw them to lions. Nice people.

    And this: So near yet so feared: where a dog's dinner | South China Morning Post
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  7. Bloody cyclists!

    Mind it was better than Strictly.
  8. The chinese don't give a flying crap for animals, humans, the rest of the world, enviroment. They just think anything like that is funny. They are the animals.
  9. Same as Kent then.
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  10. As Gandhi said "You can judge a society by the way it treats it's animals".
  11. That bear got on his bike but was insufficiently aspirational. A proper UKIP voter would have gone for one of the bigger bits of tucker instead of snacking on the monkey.
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  12. How true, there arre some ghastly ones that seem to privilege furry tucker over people.
  13. What I think is cruel is they are making the other monkey watch.
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  14. It would have been weirder if the monkey ate the bear