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Discussion in 'The ARRSE Hole' started by Exon, Oct 9, 2010.

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  1. OK, have you lot heard about Christine O'Donnell, the "Tea Party" candidate for US senate who believes that Wanking is adultery (seriously!).

    Another of the "Tea Party" Candidates was an SS renactor (second right).

    I thought people might get a laugh.
  2. I'm struggling to think of something less interesting.
  3. Any nation that is considering electing Sarah Palin and has elected George Bush is seriously f*cked up anyway.
  4. She was also caught admitting on TV to practising witchcraft. Seeing as she's supposed to be appealing to the right of the Republicans you can't help but think she has stuck her foot right in it.
  5. Schaden

    Schaden LE Book Reviewer

    I hope that chap in the kilt is a Canadian or something or the Arsse Waltfinder Generall will be all over him!
  6. and that scruffy cunt on the lefts boots could do with a bit of kiwi.
  7. A bunch o' lunnies the lot o' them,pity they hold everyone else to ransom with the "Almighty "Dollar"
  8. To be fair to the "SS" re-enactor, he is I believe an officer in the national guard. It was a hobby him and his son did together but he left when the son lost interest.
    It seem's liek a cheap political hit job on the man. Someone has to play the bad guys in re-enactments.

    The crazy witch shit is a whole other ball game of cray though
  9. But you must admit, he does have rather nice legs for a chap.
  10. As I recall O'Donnell original views were the sin of Onan requires you to have lust in your heart and so is comparable to adultery, a properly faithful boyfriend would not indulge. A crafty Sherman is up their with playing away, there is some support for this scripturally, a sense of proportion on carnal sin isn't a Biblical virtue. It's caused some amusement amongst the self pleasuring chattering classes but this is a fairly conventional Evangelical position. US Evangelicals are generally rather slack on the grave all American sins of idolatry, serial monogamy, usury and service to Mammon, they tend to overstate the thin condemnation of homosexuals in the Bible. All part of the post 60s dumbarse US culture war.

    She'll probably gain some votes for being mocked for it but not outside her base. Not sure if consorting with high school Satanists will do her much harm with teapartiers either as in bad light she vaguely resembles Sarah Palin and a whiff of that sexy librarian charisma gives these chaps a boner. Trailing in the polls by 37 to 61 percent currently. This is the idiot Biden's old seat and Beau didn't run, the GOP were a shew in before her primary win but she's probably assured herself a future place as a media darlin.

    Some more quotes:
    Nothing strange here, move along.
  11. Oh, Lordy, I had to check and see if that one was for real.

    How did these clowns become a superpower. Stupidpower is more like it.

    Oh, and thanks for confirming that the RAF bloke was "out of uniform". Reenactors can be sooo creative!
  12. Bouillabaisse

    Bouillabaisse LE Book Reviewer

    Although he appears to be wearing a lady's skirt rather than a kilt
  13. RE: Noted persons dressing in Nazi uniform for reenactment purposes:

    OOOpppsss. Sorry about that, Chief. (Wonder what Harry's excuse was? :? )


    Krystal Ball (l-o-o-v-e that name! ;-) ) is a Democrat running for the House seat of the 1st Congressional District in Virginia. Judging by the photos, she ought to know a lot then about screwing around the voters as that's what Dumb-o-crats do - that and spend money we don't have on stuff that we don't need. I'm glad the pictures came out; maybe it will convince the electorate that she doesn't deserve to be elected. :nod: