Weird synchronicity

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by Cuddles, Jan 13, 2011.

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  1. In the dapper clothing thread, Dashing chap criticised a tweed jacket for providing an occasion of risk to look like a rockabilly or the late Eddie Cochrane. Living not a million miles away from where Eddie had his final hit - a lamp-post on the A4, I googled the event.

    I was somewhat intrigued to see this...(from wikipedia)

    The thing is, it seems every incident involves somebody of later fame - like the survivors of the Lusitania included some yank woman who went on to settle in the UK and co-found Lea & Perrins...Or Richard Todd actually being in the Pegasus Bridge op and then later playing the part of his OC there in the Longest Day.

    It is amazing for example when you look at the "synchornicity" between events too - like the famous comparisons between the assassination of Presidents Kennedy and Lincon - some of which are urban myth but enough are pretty strange as to make one think.
  2. This lady perhaps ?

    The Silver Lady of Garynahine - Comann Eachdraidh Uig
  3. I dont know so much about the events... but as for personalities having this link is not so strange as it at first appears. it is natural to assume a starting point of no link, or absolute equality of probability between the people involved in the synchronicity and anyone else at random. This is not so. the guy that picked up the guitar had a strong want to sit and play with it for hours (the guitar !) something not many people will stick to. when you look at any group of enthusiasts for anything you find the worlds a small place and people know each other within that subset.

    what I think anyhow,
  4. A few years ago, off nights i was reading an autobiography of Hermione Ranfurly,Countess of Ranfurly .

    It was during the WW11 and somehow she had managed to putch up in tunis, or sumsuch place.

    Met at the plane by an Officer friend he mentioned that she must come to the officers mess as they had this most marvellous new record

    It was 'The Boogy Woogy Bugle boy of Company B'

    in my room Radio 2 was playing and at that very moment on came The Andrews Sisters singing that very song.

    How spooky is that:

    YouTube - The Andrews Sisters- "Boogie Woogie Bugle Boy" (1941 Original and 1957 Remake) with Lyrics.
  5. I must admit to a healthy scepticism when such examples of synchronicity involve 'luvvies'. Often, in order to appear interesting or to spin a good dit they will take a basic fact and embellish it. Did Marc Bolan carry Eddie Cochrane's guitar for him or was he just one of a throng around the star? Since Dave Dee first came to the public eye in 1962 is that long enough to learn the guitar up to a standard required for a professional performance (possibly) but would an impounded guitar at a police station be available to him for long enough periods to learn to play it (doubtful). Makes a great story though, although, for me, the very fact he was there at the scene of the accident is noteworthy in itself.
    Coincidently every 'second' Monarch of a given name has come to an abrupt and sticky end except one, is that synchronicity or mere coincidence?
  6. The car and other items from the crash were impounded at the local police station until a coroners' inquest could be held. A police cadet at the station who would become Dave Dee of the band Dave Dee, Dozy, Beaky, Mick & Tich, taught himself to play guitar on Cochran's impounded Gretsch.[12] Earlier in the tour, the same guitar had been carried to the car for Cochran by a young fan later to become Marc Bolan of T.Rex.[13

    I think Marc Bolan took the synchronicity too far though.
  7. You think?? Trees, lamp-posts... all the same to rock stars.

    Second monarchs come to sticky ends...hmm...

    Lets see -
    William II, check!
    Henry II, he of the exploding coffin...check-ish!
    Richard II, "pokers at Pomfret", check!
    Edward II, buggered at Berkeley, check!
    James II, died in exile, check!
    George II, no sorry not accepting that one...he lived to be 77 and had a pretty good rule including being the last British monarch to lead troops on the battlefield.
  8. There is a theory doing the academic history rounds that Edward II actually escaped and the murder was spin and PR. Sightings of him in France after the 'murder' are recorded.
  9. Charles II - died in his bed
    Elizabeth II - who knows!
  10. The last person who died whilst constructing the Hoover Dam was the son of the very first person who died on the same project.
  11. That was just unlucky - the Police had asked him to reconstruct the events leading up to his father's death.
  12. World War Eleven? When was that?
  13. It hasn't happened yet but the French have already drawn up their surrender document.
  14. not forgetting our current Monarch Elizabeth the second !!!