Weird Science.

No, not the excellent 1980's teen flick of the same name:-

But this lot:-

God knows theres plenty of oddballs associated with conventional polar exploration, but this bunch believe that the earth is hollow and populated by the ten missing tribes of Israel.
They've chartered a Russian nuclear powered icebreaker to search for the gateway.
If bizarre science is your thing, check it out. If you're a tinfoil hat wearing "Flat Earther" bite me!

You can sign up for their "expedition" here:

They would like to know:

1. Have you ever considered that the Earth may be hollow? Share all your thoughts on the subject.

2. What efforts, writings, projects, or organizations have you participated in related to scientific of leading-edge explorations? [Hint: Think non-mainstream]

3. What is your current passion? What do you want to be known for?

4. If presented the opporunity, would you travel beyond the known surface of the Earth? [Important: Include your preparations to set your affairs and family in order before we embark]

5. Do you believe we are alone in the universe? Explain.

6. How are you willing to contribute to the expedition? Please include your skill here. If you want to contriubute funds instead of talent, keep looking below:

Send your answers to[email][/email]
I like the caveat on financial matters:

This is not a tax-deductibe contribution. This is a good-faith effort to produce a documentary for entertainment purposes and does not constitute a solicitation for investment, nor does it promise a return of any kind.
Like a trip on the boat even!

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