Weird/Rude Town Names


War Hero
Done some googling found these ones on the first link:

Ta Ta Creek (Canada)
Submitted by Tracy A.

Boysack (Scotland)

Anus (France)
Submitted by Mario B.

Trim (Ireland)
Submitted by N.M.

Clap Hill (United Kingdom)

Tittisee (Germany)
Submitted by Tom R.

Cockintake (United Kingdom)

Ballplay (Tennessee)

Caulkerbush (Scotland)
Submitted by Curtis M.

Agay (France)

Assloss (Scotland)

Bohner's Lake (Wisconsin)
Submitted by Shannon B.

Bigadic (Turkey)
Submitted by Bud D.

Backside (Scotland)

Cockplay (Scotland)
Submitted by Colin Y.

Bangs Beach (Maine, USA)
Submitted by Ian B.

Bare (United Kingdom)

Dickey (North Dakota, USA)
Submitted by Dusty B.

Blackdykes (England)

Pennis Wood (United Kingdom)
Submitted by Ian B.

Gofuku (Japan)
Submitted by Harry M.

Three Cocks (Wales)
Submitted by Harry M.

Dickeyville (Wisconsin, USA)
Submitted by Misty F.

Dunmovin (California, USA)
Submitted by Amanda N.

Peterhead (Scotland)
Submitted by Dave C.

Mount Gay (West Virginia)

Beaverville (Illinois, USA)
Submitted by Katie K.

Boody (Illinois, USA)
Submitted by Katie K.

Bone Gap (Illinois, USA)
Submitted by Katie K.

Vergennes (Illinois)
Submitted by Katie K.

Little Dix Village (West Indies)

Tightsqueeze (Virginia, USA)
Submitted by Barbara M.

Iron Knob (Australia)
Submitted by James R.

Big Knockerstown (United Kingdom)
Submitted by Matt W.

Climax Springs (Missouri, USA)
Submitted by Eric C.

Fertile (Minnesota, USA)
Submitted by Benny M.

Ironwood (Minnesota, USA)
Submitted by Kent

Willacoochie (Georgia, USA)
Submitted by Steve S.

Moreheadsville (Pennsylvania, USA)
Submitted by Mike B.

Weener (Germany)

Deep Gap (Tennessee, USA)
Submitted by Curtis T.

Glasscock (Texas, USA)
Submitted by Alan J.

Seman (Alabama, USA)
Submitted by Crystal M.

Long Dong (Guangxi, China)

Titless (Switzerland)
Submitted by James S.

Onacock (Virginia, USA)
Submitted by James E.

Maiden Gully (Australia)
Submitted by Carly

Penistone (England)
Submitted by Alan S.

Fort Dick (California, USA)

Gash (Iran)

Probe (Utah, USA)

Butztown (Pennsylvania, USA)
Submitted by Ione J.

Thong (England)
Submitted by Martin

Mary's Inlet (Canada)
Submitted by Basil P.

Bobbin Head (Australia)
Submitted by Matt C.

Mount Titlis (Switzerland)
Submitted by Carole L.

Sexmoan (Luzon, Philippines)

Elephant Butte (New Mexico, USA)

Dikshit (India)

Pis Pis River (Nicaragua)

Blowhard (Australia)
Submitted by Dominic O.

Sexbierum (Netherlands)
Submitted by Sjouk K.

Reamstown (Pennsylvania, USA)

Pecker's Point (Newfoundland, Canada)
Submitted by Matthew B.

Lickdale (Pennsylvania)
Submitted by Duane H.

Pickles Gap (Arkansas)
Submitted by Velton D.

Nether Wallop (England)
Submitted by Todd B.

Petting (Germany)
Submitted by Bob F.

Mount Mee (Australia)
Submitted by Ian

Titting (Germany)
Submitted by Bob F.

Titty Ho (England)

Yocumtown (Pennsylvania, USA)

Fugit (Kentucky, USA)
Submitted by Tad L.

Assinippi (Massachusetts, USA)
Submitted by Carol S.

Big Cockup and Little Cockup (England)
Submitted by Kirsty F.

Cocktown (Wexford, Ireland)

Cockburn (Australia)
Submitted by Peter R.

Bangor (Wales)
Submitted by Matt

Dyckesville (Wisconsin, USA)

Ballville (Ohio, USA)

Prickwillow (England)
Submitted by Alam C.

Black Charlie's Opening (Australia)
Submitted by Helen Hills

Kinmount (Ontario, Canada)
Submitted by Crystal G. and Mikey P.

Euren (Wisconsin, USA)

Cockland (Ohio, USA)

Spuzzum (Canada)
Submitted by Mike B.

Bloody Dick (Montana, USA)
Submitted by S.B.

Shafter (California, USA)

Beaver (Oklahoma, USA)

Mt. Buggery (Australia)
Submitted by Stan L.

Handcock Town (North Carolina, USA)
Submitted by Michelle S.

Shitlingthorpe (Yorkshire, UK)

Sackville (Canada)
Submitted by Kyle W.

Twatt (Orkney, UK)

Muff (County Donegal, Ireland)

Maggie's Nipples (Wyoming, USA)
Submitted by Tom M.

Bone's Knob (Queensland, Australia)
Submitted by Cyd

Fingringhoe (Essex, UK)
Submitted by Jill M.

Titz (Germany)
Submitted by Ryan A.

Needmore (Texas, USA)
Submitted by Sheila A.

Fruitport (Michigan, USA)
Submitted by Michelle F.

Zip Down (Pennsylvania, USA)
Submitted by Lucia H.

Mount Holly (New Jersey, USA)
Submitted by Chris

Some are quite shite, but I only copy and pasted the whole lot.


theres a town in northern ireland called Muff
theres also a "TOP" petrol station in this town with a huge sign outside it saying TOP Muff



War Hero
I was in fcukin tears when I read the Maggie's Nipples and Bone's Knob :lol:
there is a town on the internet called



War Hero
I dont think its listed there but theres a town in the US called mianus
What's the point of posting that long list?

It's spoiled the individual's fun!

You missed "****" in Bavaria.

Pronounced "Vank"

How about Pratts Bottom in Kent.

There's a little place by us called Pink Green.


There are two villages in England quite close to each other on separate rivers. One river being called the "Puddle" and the other, the "Piddle". So we get the two villages:

Little Puddle on the Piddle


Little Piddle on the Puddle.


Beaver Falls, Intercourse, Blue Bal, Butztown, in Pennsylvania
Assawoman in Virginia
Seman in Alabama
Fugit in Kentucky
Bloody Dick in Montana
Glasscock in Texas
Bohner's Lake in Wisconsin
Fort Dix in New Jersey

just to name a few. More in Pennsylvania for some reason must be wacky folks.
Fingringhoe (essex)
Litotes said:
What's the point of posting that long list?

It's spoiled the individual's fun!

You missed "*" in Bavaria.

Pronounced "Vank"


Tried to "liberate" the sign post many years ago, but the Leatherman wasn't up to it.

Another one for the list Wyre Piddle, somewhere in or near the Vale of Evesham, and its sister village Piddle in the Hole.


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Knob End on the edge of greater manchester.

theres also a Fanny Folds Lane in macclesfield I believe. (not a town but its in the same vein.)
Litotes said:
What's the point of posting that long list?

It's spoiled the individual's fun!

You missed "*" in Bavaria.

Pronounced "Vank"


The cause of much and merriment on Snow Queen!

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