Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by Muggle, Sep 14, 2008.

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  1. being in a certain career where i get to see all sort, heres a few of favs -Ahkin Johbi, War & Peace (I kid you not), Autumn Twist (sounds like a Dulux paint)

    anyone got A N Other?
  2. Have woked with Marconi system X stuff called walti and balti
  3. There is a Mike Hunt works for FleetFactors truck parts in manchester and if you hang around the War Museum Northern or the T/Park area at all you can see a A. Hitler ( i kid you not) truck around abouts most Thursday's
  4. I have a heard of a Megan Bacon and a Richard Head.
  5. Pte Summer Love.

    Not kidding.
  6. Another bloke called Turvey nick named Topsy.
  7. Peter Edward Niswart - one of my ex recruits honest!
  8. Fugly

    Fugly LE DirtyBAT

    Met two of them, one a civvie, another was a Major serving in 2LI, met him in Kosovo!!!!!!!

    Also knew Gnr (now Mr) Stanley Still. Always a treat on parades, that bloke.

    Stan: "I'm in the middle rank, sir"
  9. Sgt Sergeant and Sgt Officer
  10. maj coward - officer in reme ta for a while
  11. There was also one in the paras some years ago. Young officer in the 1980s. Don't know how long he stayed in. A good man.
  12. doesw joseph heller and Catch 22 count for " Major Major Major Major "

    thought not i will just get my coat
  13. A brigade weekend at RAF Waddington eons ago revealed that one of the USAF officers working on the Nimrod AWACS programme (I said it was a while back) was Major Randy L Booby. I've also met a James D Kirk, who told me that he spent a fair bit of his time making sure peopel get his middle initial right
  14. Lt (Frank) Dan, US Army, Bosnia 95/96.

    Not much piss taking there :wink:
  15. Richard A (Fludd) Fella wanted to revert to his mothers maiden name, idea sacked after he was called Dick for a week.