Weird goings on in the house

Discussion in 'Finance, Property, Law' started by marco_poloroid, Jan 28, 2010.

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  1. I am standing by for some stick on this one but here goes.......
    Since moving into a new house, I have been experiencing an extremely strange occurrence which has happened on at least 10 occasions in the last 6 months. Whilst lying in bed, listening to the radio on my headphones, and with my eyes shut, I have experienced a blinding flash of white light which lasts at most a tenth of a second. To give an idea of what it's like, think of an old fashioned camera flash, very intense, white light, illuminating everything. But so quick, the first couple of times I thought I had imagined it.

    It always happens when I am lying in bed, AWAKE. I am definitely not imagining it; it has nothing whatsoever to do with REM sleep etc etc. This was confirmed one night when my wife experienced it at the same time, and we discussed it and were totally perplexed. This obviously ruled out any theory of brain tumours etc (to my relief!!) I have not been lying there anticipating it at all, so any thought of self inducement or subconscious suggestion does not add up.

    I am not one to automatically default to this being down to supernatural activity, although I am not entirely dismissive. I don't get any 'vibe' at all, the house itself belonged to my mum in law who still lives with us in the house. Admittedly, my father in law is deceased, but nobody has ever reported any unusual activity at all. I have considered light reflecting in from outside, but the outside light is an orange sodium type light which wouldn't emit that sort of light. Additionally, my mum in law is on the same side of the house and is a night owl, who leave her curtains open. She has never experienced it. Although I can't confirm it, the light feels like it's originating from somewhere inside the room.

    Has anyone on the forum experienced anything similar? I am not worried about it, it is just perplexing us both, as I cannot figure out what it could be. I do know that it is the strangest thing I have ever experienced by a mile. Standing by for incoming..... :)
  2. How old is the house? What do you know of its history (if any)?
  3. Ive read something somewhere about this happening in peoples eyes, white flashes I mean.

  4. Any railway lines within half a mile or so? It could be a case of Pantograph short outs creating a mega spark as i've seen them myself...

    The other thing it could be is meteorites/meteor hitting the atmosphere as they tend to do the white flash in the sky bit that radiates quite a bit
  5. Strangely enough, I live about 500 yds from the brum-london main line. Things are starting to make sense...could you explain what causes it?
  6. Often it's build up of moisture on the insulators to the overhead cable and when there is enough in the way of it the leccy shorts out from the upper case of the insulator to the pantograph (the bit on top of the train that connects with the overhead cable) it's also caused by ice build up too..

    This one is in Sweden where they use a lower voltage, but the arcs are much more visible than just in the immediate area.
  7. You learn something new every day!!vWhat is confusing me though, is surely I would hear the train at the same time as the flash? Just after the flash (about 10 mins) I heard a train come through, so the conditions were right to hear the train. Also, I am 500 yards away from the line, but not in line of sight. We are separated by a canal, housing, and trees.

    You've given me food for thought though. Regarding Auscams question - the house is 25 years old, self build (by my dad in law funily enough)

    cheers for the suggestions

  8. Was it built on an old Indian burial ground?
  9. A lot easier to sheild and deaden sound than light all it takes is a change in wind direction really.., have a look at the link I put into my last post.
  10. Well I'll be buggered, how interesting ('You should get out more' etc...I'll be going out in an hour, before anyone starts :D )
  11. Maybe your late Da-in-law had a lucrative little sideline going snapping porn piccies in the bedroom. And now he's stuck in limbo, but he's onto a nice little earner with the other ghosties by snapping piccies of you and your missus and flogging them in the ether. Now that's what you call a business brain!

  12. Youn devious bastard :D That explains the strange clicking noises I hear when I'm banging one out. I thought it was the wrist injury I got when training up for the Australian Championships...
  13. I'm assuming you have ruled out car headlights? I've noticed that they can illuminate a room pretty dramatically, depending on the proximity to the road and angle/height of the window.
  14. I get that here, I'm level with a road that follows the contour of a ridge that's quite some distance away. Also, at 0300-ish, my bedroom was being lit by lightning that was so far away as to be inaudible, but still startlingly bright.