weird blood pressure readings

Discussion in 'Health and Fitness' started by ArmyisMyDream, Jul 22, 2009.

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  1. hiya, basically whenever i take my bp I always have a high Systolic (top number) and a very low Diastolic (bottom number) does anyone know any reasons why this happens. Some examples of my readings are 135/62 137/65 141/58
  2. those blood pressures look ok to me.

    Blood pressures vary in either arm - a little higher in L arm.
    BP's also vary if lying, sitting and standing.

    Blood pressures indicate lots of things cardio-vascularly.
    Any BP with a systolic of over 140mmHg thats not been diagnosed by a doctor is generally high blood pressure.
  3. Could also be white coat syndrome.. nervous about having BP taken, sends up your BP slightly.
  4. i dont have a heart mumor i had an echo cardiogram and my heart is completely normal
  5. A systolic BP above 140mmHg is bordering on hypertension; probably best to see your GP, who can measure it properly with a sphygmomanometer and stethoscope; home-testing kits sets can give some interesting results. Especially since the ADSC doctor raised issues concerning your cardiac health.
  6. when i had my bp taken at my local surgery i noticed ( dont ask me why) i got an adrenaline rush i do get quite nervous which is a bit of pain.
  7. just took my bp now this time standing up rather than sitting: 124/58. Also regarding my cardiac health, it is good, i am very active ad my resting heart rate is around the 45-55 mark
  8. I suspect you will be fine. As mentioned before - white coat syndrome.
    Blood pressures will vary a little each way from day to day. Unless there are huge discrepancies I guess you'll be ok.

    Any family history of Heart disease? High blood pressure?
  9. nope none. I purchased a home monitor after being deffered at ADSC i then sent results to them however they replied saying this wasnt what they asked for. I have a 24 hr ambulatory monitor booked for next tuesday. So i am just crossing my fingers it all goes well. It is quite frustrating because i am very active and in good shape . Only 18 years old too
  10. clearly the army wants to be sure you are in fine fettle before you start.

    They won't want to be paying out lots of money because half way through training you suffer chest pain and a heart attack. You will then be on statins and blood thinners for the rest of your life. All because of an overlooked problem.

    The 24hr tape you have booked will provide the answers.

    You can obviously do things to help lower blood pressure, i.e diet and exercise.
  11. I have hyper-tension and those readings seem pretty good to me.
  12. im worried i already have haha
  13. Diastolic looks low. 120/80 is ideal. 130/90 acceptable. Mine is in the area of the latter and I'm 39 and have atrial fibrillation!

    Which home monitor are you using and are you using the right size cuff? Lloyds Pharmacy do a good one for £14.99. Its not super accurate but best of 3 readings usually gives a reasonably accurate result. Don't bother with wrist monitors. They are very innaccurate
  14. Throw the BP machine in the bin, your BP is fine, stop taking and/or worrying about it and carry on.