Weihrauch revolvers

Anyone got any experience? I'm tempted by an almost-matched pair of a .22 HW 9 Sport and a .32 S&W 357 Match.

They seem cheap - but I'm fed up of paying lots of money for S&W's current crap. Can't be fecked with Taurus or Ruger, and frankly no-one else makes a target 32 revo any more.

Linky: Neue Seite 1
What happened to your 4 remaining years of gun buying chastity?

Got to scratch that itch?
Maybe.... And if not, a man's gotta dream ;)

Was hoping that they;d be delcared total junk and the itch would go away. But according to Visier August 2008, the top Weihrauch models are actually rather good! And cheap!
If anyone has Visier August 2008 and could scan me the revolver comparison review article, I'd be very grateful!

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