Weihrauch HW97 K


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I'm looking to purchase one of these shortly. Any Arrsers got one? Good bits bad bits etc? Decent scope reccomendations too please.



I did have one a few years ago, before deciding to go pre-charged.
They are a fantastic rifles, very accurate and the HW trigger is very good, nice crisp, predictable break.
Most people criticise them for being so heavy, it didn't really bother me though.

if you after one, not sure if youve tried www.airgunbbs.com check out the sales section.
I've had one for about a year. Excellent bit of kit but I do find it a bit heavy. Very accurate in .20 cal and has reduced our local magpie population very effectively. Get one and I'm sure you won't be disappointed.



I have a .177 97k. Nice rifle, good build quality. Adjustable trigger ect.

Mine has benefited from a complete strip and relube of the internals making cocking it very smooth.

Glass wise, if you have a decent budget take a look at the Bushnell Elite range, if you dont want to spend £100+ on glass, I would personally recomend something like a Simmons WTC (Ebay have the 3-10x40 for £60ish quid) or if you can find a Simmons Pro Air thats decent glass too.

For more detailed info have a look at www.AirgunBBS.com get in touch if you have any dramas mate.

(My 97k was £200 second hand but in absolutely mint condition from the above mentioned site.)


War Hero
Cheers gents. I feel a serious chav plinking session coming on.


Can only confirm the above - very nice rifles, well-built, super-accurate, heavy, surprisingly quiet for a spring rifle despite firing report sounding like the proverbial farmer's fart. Not exactly pretty though, certainly not compared to my old Airsporter.

Bear in mind if going .22 that they work best with Euro-sized pellets rather than British. Difference is only a tenth of a millimetre, but it does affect accuracy. Mine definitely didn't like Eley pellets or Bisley Pest Control. Apologies if you know all this already.

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