Weihrauch Air Rifle S100 studs & swivels

Does anyone know were I can purchase a set of swivels & studs for a Weichrauch S100 air rifle.

As I understand it there is a special type of stud for the front end, which negates drilling.


Yes, I will swivel.............


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Book Reviewer
Thanks buddy. 'tis but a very small selection. There's 40,000 other products not listed yet - it's a work in progress.

Bandsman - thanks for the call mate - sorry you couldn't get through.

Spoken with both the UK distributor AND Weihrauch in Germany, and neither company have heard of such a product.

The info I have is that you will need to get screw-in studs (correct me if you know the brand that doesn't need screwing in - I'll get them in for you).

If you can't get any more info, I can sort you out with Quick Release QD studs to go into the stock.


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NP mate.

MODS - sorry, really sorry - I'll get some advert space booked ;-)
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