Discussion in 'Health and Fitness' started by lauren, May 16, 2007.

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  1. should i use weights while running? if so how much and what do i put them in and use?
  2. You're not the first to ask this question, and probably not the last either.

    The answer is a resounding.....NO

    Please use the search function to find all the other threads if you feel the need for a second opinion.

  3. No and nothing. Running with weight is a guaranteed way to get an enduring lower limb injury.

    We throw ourselves around the place operationally carrying significant weight, but only - hopefully - after aquiring the necessary strength and stamina through a progressive training programme.

    The key to this is cross training - don't just run - cycle, swim and beast your legs on the weight machines in the gym - or do plyometrics (squats, squat-thrusts, leg raises) and isometrics/pilates exercises if gym membership is an issue. Do NOT NOT NOT run with weight until you need to. Dno't get me wrong - the Infantry 2 miler is where you want to be (2 miles at best effort with 55lbs of kit - bogey time 18 minutes, but I;ve had a CSM and a PL Comd who did it in 12 mins. The freaks.)

    Hope this answers the question.
  4. Run in your bodyarmour if you feel you want to run with weight.
  5. Lauren what are you training for? Whats your aim?

    NO! :D
  6. Not weights, never, no. I did try fartleckin with a drogue attached to my shoulders once when someone told me it'd improve my acceleration. Ended up with a sprained shoulder instead.
  7. i am training to go into army foundation collage .i want to be stronger but i dont see how?
  8. NO! :D[/quote]

    Well if its pain he wants then why not extend it ;)
  9. Collage? Is that like the Women's Raffia Corps?
  10. Because Lauren is a 15 year old girl, and there's no point in getting her injured before she even joins the Army.

    Tænk dig lidt om for pokker!
  11. The safest, most time efficient way is probably free weights (dumb bells and the like) especially if you can get good coaching. That said they will develop what strength you need as long as you can make the entry requirements. I'd recommend the pilates route as it will stand you in good stead in terms of injury prevention later on.

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  12. My apologize =|

    No in that case Lauren you should ABSOLUTLY not run with weights. Its even worse for a woman then a man to do it as we are not built the same way around the hips.
  13. Lauren,

    You are a 15 year old girl....

    When you arrive at AFC they will be expecting exactly that - a 15 year old girl, not Arnie :wink:

    Get out and do some running by all means but the Army will see that you get strong mate and if you knack yourself with half-baked ideas before your start date - guess who won't be starting at all mucker.


    Good luck :wink:
  14. Actually if there is a decent running or Athletics club near you ask if you can tag along.
  15. good idears. just came back from my p.e gcse exsam did well i thought. have to wait till august to get my result though. adges away. thank you again guys and gals.