I am currently carrying out a little 'push up' training to prepare myself for selection, and until recently have avoided doing weights. I found a bit of a session down the gym helped make the next set of push ups feel far more comfortable. However, as I have always been a bit lacking on upper body strength I am not sure whether I should be going for low reps/high weight - still steering clear or the any variation inbetween ( whilst trying to get the total no. of push ups increased).

Any help appreciated!
Well if you are new to it all i would advice something mid-range.
Lots eg. 20+reps is for toning. Little eg.8 is for building muscle mass so i suppose your somewhere in the middle. Try 12-15 reps. 2-3 sets. You should be lifting a weight where you can complete atleast 12reps and no more than 15, adjust the weight accordingly. Good luck!
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