Weights vs Cardio

One for all you PTI/ phys experts..

Am curious to know what the general opinion is about weight gain through the use of a structured training programme vs loss in cardio & endurance fitness.

I am quite fit - push out a reasonable PFT in 9:20 and can tab till the cows come home. I am off on tour later in the year and intend to get stuck into the weights. However i don’t want to loose my current level of fitness. I realise there will be a trade off between gains in muscle mass and loss in fitness?

Is it worth knocking back copious quantities of Creatine, Protein and Glutamine etc to bulk up, or will the potential gains be nullified by regular decent cardio and endurance sessions in the gym?.

Any thoughts?


you ever notice how sprinters are muscular but fast?... thats because they don't let the muscular just be about strength... as you gain muscle your cardio should improve because the muscles are stronger... just keep up the jogging... do like 3 weight days and 2 cardio.... or run in the morning weights in the evening... but remember to have a off day
Depends what you're looking for, if it's general strength and fitness do your cardio every day lift every other day. Lift light initially ramp up the number of reps per set (at least four sets per body part) do a full body work out, progress to super sets and circuit training.
Increase the weight as you feel each exercise becoming easier.
Protein is a great supplement after you lift. Creatine is good before.
Don't forget to include sprints and interval training in your cardio especially on your lifting days, you're going to need explosive bursts of energy.

Why would you want to bulk up? Stay lean and mean!
Good luck, stay safe.
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