Weights vests!

alright guys, i want to get used to running with a bit of weight on my shoulders and i wondered if anyone had ever tried these weights vest which you can buy.

basicly i just wanna know if there any good and worth the money or should i just go with the old fashioned way of putting a couple of sand bags in a rucksack.

cheers guys.
I do sprints with one on sometimes. No problems except it can bounce a tiny bit........unfortunately it bounces directly into your solar plexus, so you can start to feel ill.

Useful piece of equipment though. Ring press ups with 10kg vest = heaven.
they are okay, its resistance training, will not mimic |running with weight on you shoulders| if you want to do that get a small daysack and stick a sleeping bag or abut 15lb at first and every 3 runs build up with an extra 5lb, guarentee if you "stick a few sandbags in your bergen and go out for a run" you most probably slip a disc at 20.
^The only issue (one that's come up before i think) is that alot of newbies like me can't pack a bergen/daysack perfectly. So the weight doesn't sit properly.
just slam a sleeping bag in there and do it up tighest as possible to start off, as you add weight, ( I use water bottles i think a liter is something like 5lb) so you can always empty it on walk home or if it gets too much) and you pack all the weight as high as possible on your shoulders. Like in a 25liter day sack i have a towel at the bottom and put the bottles on top of that.
cheers for the advice guys, i might buy one to help with chin ups but i dont fancy it bouncing about while im running.
the idea of putting litre bottles in a daysack is pretty good, i think i'll give that a go before anything.


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