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Discussion in 'The Training Wing' started by Thermo_Man, Aug 3, 2006.

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  1. Hi, I start the CIC in a few months (not sure exactly when, "paperwork" and all that) and I was wondering what sort of weights program I should be doing? If I was playing sport, pre-season would be all strength weights, start of season would be strength/plyometrics and towards the end it would be endurance weights. Is that what i should be doing now?
  2. I would personally be doing more running, and other than that just simple press-ups/ sit ups etc. I start on the 27th august, when you get your exact date through let me know what it is :)
  3. Yes, learning to love jogging. I will give you a shout when i find out my start date. With any luck i'll be a little more anonymous then you in Catterick :wink:
  4. You been reading about more than you been posting then eh?
    Cnut! :D
  5. Bradders you make my day you really do.
  6. Bradshaw wrote:

    "Better to be thought of as a fool, than to open your mouth and remove all doubt"

    Not that we're fools or anything. We only volunteered to join the infantry 8O

    Still, it is where most of the soldier-ee stuff happens. Can't wait! :D

    So anyway, weight training prior to Catterick....
  7. What Regiment are you joining Thermo??
  8. "Don't tell him Pike"
  9. He'll talk, then you can say....."Stupid boy!" ;)
  10. To my knowledge main physical assessments upon joining are going to be 1.5 miler, sit-ups, press-ups, and you also do heaves (chin-ups).
    So in order to use weight training to improve your BFT train certain muscles that are used in these assessments.

    - Do more running and get your 1.5 miler time down.

    - Do some bench pressing, the main muscles used in this exercise are the pectorals (chest) and triceps which are both used in press-ups. aim to use a weight around 30-50kg and do as many repitions as you can stop and repeat twice.

    - You most probably will be asked to do press-ups with elbows tucked and hands in-line with your shoulders, this variation puts more enphasis on the tricep and shoulder muscle group(s). i would suggest doing tricep extensions to help condition and strengthen these muscles.

    - As for heaves, try and get to your local gym and use the lateral pull-down machine this will again help condition and strengthen the muscles used in heaves. If not get a pull-up bar and practice, practice, practice, do different variations like overhand wide grip etc.

    As for sit-ups just do them, everyday monday-friday and rest (go out on the p1ss) sat and sunday. you could also try holding a dumbell when doing sit-ups as it adds extra resistance for your abs to work against.

    Thats all i can think of hope that helps

  11. Excellent advice A&D. May well follow that myself.
  12. stabandswat wrote:
    Thanks alot A&D thats pretty clear cut. I got one of those Argos door frame chin bars at home, and my gym is pretty well equiped too. I'll get crackin.

    Skinn_Full wrote:
    Why, everybodys favorite Regiment, SF. You know, the ones who regularly jump into battle. :)
  13. "Stupid boy"
  14. Being somewhat new here, it would mave been rude of me not giving you that one, stabandswat.

    Yes, I'm sure i'll be in for some "fun" when I pitch up at Helles Barracks. (Please note the inverted commas. I suspect it will not all be fun :omg:)