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Discussion in 'Health and Fitness' started by mcflurry, Jul 20, 2013.

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  1. Hi all,

    Was hoping for some (constructive) criticism on a weights programme I'm putting together. It's based on 5x5 Stronglifts but with some additional bits thrown in. For context, my day will be:

    AM: Run + 100 push ups scheme
    PM: Gym

    3 days a week.

    Ex. 1- Squat 5x5

    -1x8 close arm pull ups-

    Ex. 2- Bench press/Overhead press 5x5

    -1x8 close arm pull ups-

    Ex. 3- Deadlift 1x5

    -max standard pull ups-

    All are free weights.
    Thanks in advance for any advice.
  2. I might be worth adjusting the width of your grip on the pull ups to try and hit some more muscle groups. Also I would alternate between bench press and inclined/flat dumbbell flies. What is your aim? I'm presuming bulking up given the small sets?

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  3. Thanks for the suggestions!

    Bulking was the initial plan as I was always quite a slight lad, but my main aim is to get the press-up score on the PFT into the 70s/80s.
  4. Drivers_lag

    Drivers_lag On ROPs

    Sounds like a decent start.

    I personally do 20 reps of everything. I start with a weight that I can do about 6/7 of and do 20 reps.... doesn't matter how many sets, just 20 reps. 20 sets of one if needs be.

    I go gym most days and only really do compound exercises, squats, heaves, dips and rows. That works everything. 3 day split - pull one day, push the next, legs the next. Then 15 minutes of interval training.

    I'm never going to get huge doing that but I look like I did when I was a squaddie. Which was my aim. I look like I work out and I'm happy with that.
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  5. Fair one, if bulking up is your goal then maybe consider dropping the press ups in the morning otherwise the extra calories you'll need to get any gains is going to be quite alot. I personally would try your weight routine (minus press ups) for 6 weeks along with a decent carb and protein shake (Phd pharma gain is a good one) I see so many people who do loads of work at the gym who don't get any bigger because they aren't eating enough! After 6 weeks increase the reps to 12-15 in sets of 3 and also introduce circuits (and your 100 press ups) this will stop your body from plateauing. If I'm teaching you to suck eggs then tell me.

    Oh and for anyone who feels like saying that 'protein shakes don't work' and 'we didn't use protein shakes back in the 1700's', times change, and technical advances in dietary supplements have come a long way, so bore off.

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  6. No egg sucking involved at all, thanks man.

    I've never used protein before, I always drink a ton of whole milk. Reckon I can get away with just the milk?
  7. Drivers_lag

    Drivers_lag On ROPs

    Yes. But it's a ******* lot of milk. Like a gallon a day.
  8. Looks very decent to me .If you know how to do them and bearing in mind its a technical lift alternating the deadlift with the power clean is an option.
  9. Agree, especially dead lifts. Don't worry about trying to lift heavy to start with, make sure your form is spot on otherwise you'll **** your back!

    With regards to milk, true you would have to drink quite alot, you can always mix shakes with whole milk though as a meal replacement but best to drink them with water post gym as your body can process them much quicker (fat in milk slows digestion down).

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  10. I understand GOMAD, but how often would you eat that PhD Pharma thing a day?
  11. I understand GOMAD, but how often would you eat that PhD Pharma thing a day?
  12. Drivers_lag

    Drivers_lag On ROPs

    If you can get a gallon of milk down your neck a day, you won't need anything else. Pills and potions are there to stop you from needing to do things like that. The point being that you CAN do it with food, but it's a ******* LOT of food, so sometimes easier to run with powder.
  13. I would have one during the as a substitute for a meal that you normally find it hard to have (mine was mid afternoon or first thing) and another straight after the gym as this is the time your body is going to absorb as much as it can (golden hour). If you can eat a high protein meal or snack during this time then that will also help.

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