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Really really bone question but would appriciate some help.

I'm trying to send an OG bergan overseas, but the bastards at the post office are messing me around. They won't weigh it so they won't quote how much it would cost! I don't have any scales, aside from a wee electronic one for weighing foods - so thats no good!


Anyways, any enterprising soul that knows how much the damn thing weighs (has to be to within a 50grammes tolerance apparently) please let me know.

(PS. Its for another arrser, so it's all good!)
When I e-blag my 1157 items that I dont want, I box it up and take it in, slap it on the scales and ask how much, surely they'll do the same for you?
about 2.6 kilos with frame i think.


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Cheers! I'm asking around for someone with big enough scales - it's a silly point but as the damn things so big I can't see the weight without lifting the thing, which defies the point really!

Battsimm - you'd think so wouldn't you! But the ol girl behind the counter with the two lazy eyes and webbed hands says they cant do it as it's "not in local policy". Which is a load of crap.

And they wonder why folk wander in with bike helmets, shot-guns and a bad attitude then ask 'em to hand it all over.................


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You know what the really funny thing is? The lady likes to sit not in her lovely little protected booth, but on the shops little "patio". I think she just can't be arrsed to move.

Really rather tempted to round up a posse and pitchfork the git.
the bergen and frame weighs around 2.6 kilos. i sold a buckshee one on ebay not so long ago. ist class recorded is about 11 quid and special delivery is 19 quid... ouch! not sure about overseas prices.

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