Weights/cardio routine?

Discussion in 'Health and Fitness' started by Robp85, Apr 8, 2011.

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  1. Im gearing up my fitness after some set backs for selection, i think the terms an ectomorph i have a thin frame and struggling to put on weight i eat 3500 cals a day around 90g protein but ive got my bmi to 20 i need to increase my cv fitness but at same time cant lose any weight! My weights routine is tues-thurs and sat 2x muscle groups 3x excercises for each 4x 8 reps, Legs/shoulders, biceps/back, chest/triceps. Planning to include swimming. Circuits. Long distance stumped for 1 more to include 1 cv for each day after weights. My max press ups dropped to around 20 sit ups 35-40 and my 1.5 mile well i can jus manage 1.2 miles 14 mins..but since 7-10 days ago could only manage 0.65 miles i also do 2x 20 crunches 1min side planks. Each training day. I need to bulk for weight and extra strength wont hurt but more importantly increase my run distance/press ups. i know it may seem easy to some to just run and do circuits but ill end up just meeting the weight criteria to get in or missing or when start basic will go underweight and not be able to continue any advice is this overtraining ? Could i lower to 2 excercises instead of 3 and get ok gains? My plan is also every sunday to test max preas ups/sit ups 2 mins, 1.5 mile run and heaves (can do 10 now not worried about them)
  2. Yes it is. Mate you sound like you are over doing it a bit. What were your selection set backs?
  3. You're using a bodybuilder-type split routine. This is not a particularly efficient method of training for a beginner. If you need to put on weight, there's an excellent program called Starting Strength which was designed specifically to help beginners increase size and strength. It can be done two or three times per week, depending on what your goals are. Google Starting Strength Wiki.
  4. Well not selection setbacks as such but training for selection had a baby and has been pretty difficult for some months but now things are moving forwards. Although i have barely trained the last 6-8 months im not a complete beginner with weight lifting its how i got my weight up but the cardio is something theres alot for me to learn. What would happen if i was to lose weight in basic would you be binned as unsafe if went under 18.5 bmi? Ill check that site thx the, cardio is right now my main target but weights need to be incorporated to maintain/account for and weight loss i cant make up with just eating
  5. On the protein front, if you're looking to maintain/gain mass you should be taking around 1.5-2g per kg of body weight per day.
  6. If you're wanting to get physically conditioned for basic line infantry training do short faster runs (2-4miles) incorporating Fartlek / HIIT, loaded marches (start with 10kg and work your way up to 20kg) for 1-2 hours & swimming, cycling, rowing & circuit training. Do resistance training that gets you used to being comfortable shifting your own weight about plus a little more for simulating webbing, day sack etc for stuff like assault course, FIBUA etc. The majority of lads when it comes to PT seem to struggle with loaded marches & poor upper body conditioning for battle PT / simulated casevac (fireman carrying people in CEFO for 100m etc).

    Got people in our training platoon who think they're a pure ticket because they run 8min PFTs in shorts & trainers but put some weight on their back or expect them to get stuck in doing casevac & they fall apart / jack.
  7. Is "selection" in this case for entry into the Army or UKSF?

    If the former, I would suggest the following:

    100 press-up challenge and 50 chin-up challenge (one hundred push ups and 7 Weeks to 50 Pull-Ups | Official Site respectively). They'll add bulk to your chest and back, as well as those all important "guns" for the beach! You could probably throw in some ab work from that site as well.

    CV fitness - a mixture of short fast intervals, a tempo run (about as hard as you can run for 3 miles) and a longer run (up to 8 miles) which done at a really slow speed (i.e. you feel you should be running faster!).

    Weight gain - eat lots of good food, especially veg and fruit. I wouldn't bother with weight-gain mixes or protein, they're quite expensive and don't do huge amounts beyond retain water.

    I would suggest no more than one activity a day (weights or running) as a beginner, because you don't want to overtrain yourself. Once you've been going for a couple of months then you can look at putting in short runs on your weights day.

    Remember - not every day/session should train to failure. You gain more by being structured and sensible with your desire to improve.
  8. Some good info thanks and yeah selection for line infantry not sf yet 1 step at a time :) what if i was to do a split routine of 1 muscle group 2x excercies on each doing 4x 10 reps then cardio/abs tues-thurs and sat. With mon/fri rest, sunday test of 1.5 mile and max pressups/sit ups/chins every other week. cardio depending on which muscle worked slow pace distance/fartlek/swimming/circuits? Then seeing how goes in 3 months if still waiting for selection or even basic? I looked into the 100 press ups and 50 chin up challenge looks great but its fitting that in with everything else just wish had a slower metabolism so i could just do cardio and pushups etc
  9. Move away from the splits mate - isolation exercises aren't the thing you need. If you insist on bodybuilding type exercises 5-3-1 is probably best: 4 big compound exercises which'll make all of you work. Don't get hooked on the "supplementary" exercises associated with this programme. For you I would suggest something like press-ups, chins, dips and sit-ups. All "old school" exercises, which have stood the test of time for a reason.

    I am I right in thinking your main concern is gaining weight? How old are etc? I've got a couple of kilos you could have if necessary ;)

    Your other option is to buy something like "fighting fit" or the haynes RM fitness manual, or the RM fitness programmes they have on their website. The good thing about the latter two is because it's aimed at baby Royals there is lots of upper body stuff in there (which they use for bottom field/rope work).
  10. Jesus, where do I start? 3500 Cal and 90g protein seems odd. First of all what are your height, weight and age are you built like a brick shithouse and cant run the length of yourself or just fat? They all affect your BMR (Basal metabolic rate) ie the amount of calories you need to eat daily to stay at your current weight there are loads of online calculators for this google it, visit 3-4 and take an average. If you need to lose weight eat less than that, if you need to gain weight eat more than that.

    Second 90g of protein isnt a lot, depending on who you listen to you should be eating between 1.2g/Kg and 1g/Lb bodyweight if looking to build muscle. I weigh 80Kg and aim for >100g protein and 2000 Cal daily

    Third as werewolf mentioned, thats a very specific programme for weights. Keep it simple and use either starting strength or stronglifts initially. Both use mostly compound lifts. Saying that I used stronglifts for 6 months and its very squat heavy, to the point that running between lifting days was a nightmare, Im now using a combination of the two.

    Join a gym, and ask a trainer to draw you up a programme for your specific situation and goals. Failing that try crossfit, use the brand X scaled workouts initially and build it up.
  11. Sorry only mentioned im an ectomorph build im 25 yrs old 5"9 10 stone i joined the gym again 2 weeks ago after a year of was hitting it 5x weekly for around 2 years straight just weights ive lost over a stone since i moved/left the gym
    Alfred yes my concern is keeping my weight with the cardio but i could do with some more weight on me
  12. Google crossfit.
  13. Excellent advice; Wendler's 5/3/1 is the program I'm using, and I don't think I'll be switching to another one any time soon.

    I suggested SS because it's a very good program for someone who needs to gain muscular bodyweight quickly.
  14. Good points, well presented; while SS or Stronglifts are great for gaining strength and bulking up, 2 - 3 days of heavy Squatting every week can make running very unpleasant. I switched from SS to 5/3/1 because the constant heavy Squats was affecting my ability to recover from Martial Arts training.
  15. Contact and join your local British Military Fitness Group (BRITMILFIT). Train with them and you will have motivation from the instructors and the other group members.

    Tell the instructors who are either ex or serving that you need to get fit for selection/joining up and they will sort you out.

    Be careful of some of the personal trainers at some gyms who are self employed, they are only motivated by keeping you on their books for the money and not your personal needs. If you go down the personal trainer route try and find an ex APTC instructor and let them know your needs and time frame etc.