Weighting a day bag for training!

Discussion in 'The Training Wing' started by megandavisbutler, Jan 7, 2007.

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  1. Hi im getting ready to reapply for the army as I was failed for having a back pain last July! I have no previous history of backpain it was just a one off where I had strained some muscles, however I was held back for 6months. I have to be able to carry a 10kg load for 90-120mins I no thats not difficult, but I obviousl want to weight the bag correctly so I do not have real backpain! I have no army equipment, have a good daypack and need some suitable items to make the 10kg load without it making my bag bottom heavy! Any tips! Thankyou!
  2. 1. Weigh your self on a bathroom scales.
    2. Put some stuff in your day sack.
    3. Put the day sack on.
    4. Weigh yourself again.
    5. Add or remove stuff from your daysack until the weight with the bag on is 10kg heavier.

    I'm a genius, its true.
  3. Go to your local grocery store and ask the grocer for 10kg of apples. Job done!

    Don't eat any whilst training as that would be cheating.
  4. i dont have scales lol!
  5. Have you considered putting the heavy stuff at the top?
  6. lol cheers i may actually invest in them! lol

    i never thought about putting heavy stuff at top, would cans and bottle of water etc be enough to make 10kg?
  7. Go to your local sports store. Pick up a dumbell that weighs 10kg and see how many curls you can do with it. Put the dumbell back down. Walk out of the shop and catch the next dog you come across. See how many times you can curl it. If it is too light, put pieces of lead down its throat until you can perform the same number of reps as you could with the dumbell. If the dog is too heavy, cut parts of it off until the desired weight is achieved. Put the dog in your bag and off you go!
  8. hee lol!
  9. Find a specialist Fishing Shop, they sell scales for weighing fish, that is they have a hook on them, attach to day sack and lift and hey presto

    You can get a small 25lb/11kg one for less than a tenner
  10. Wouldn't the weight be the same if the apples were eaten or not, unless they came out the other end?

    Of course, if they were to pass through your system, you'd still have 10kg of stuff to carry, just in a less solid form.
  11. Try tightly stuffing the bottom of your bag with old clothes, towels, etc. Put the heavier stuff on top, or layer it (clothes, weight, clothes, weight, etc).

    Tins of food usually weigh approx 0.5Kg, so you'd need about 20 to make 10Kg (although the other stuff in the bag would help). A litre of water weighs 1 Kg, so a few strong water bottles could help. Don't use milk or juice cartoons - I tried it once, they burst.

    Also ensure nothing rigid is sticking in your back - what feels OK standing around at home can become very painful after even a short walk.
  12. Buy the scales! Although instead of the on /off weighing.Put bag on scales and fill till arrow is at 10kg.