Weighted vests/ankle weights etc

Discussion in 'Health and Fitness' started by Robp85, Feb 15, 2012.

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  1. Another of my whats everyone think of this training method thread!

    I know it will obviousely be of some benefit but will doing long runs and interval running be really benificial to stick a 20Ib vest on seeing as will be carrying loads on marches in basic training?
  2. What do I think...

    If it helps you to achieve what you want, then great, go for it.

    I used to run in the old 58 webbing with bricks in each pouch. Train hard, fight easy... go for it Robp
  3. TheIronDuke

    TheIronDuke LE Book Reviewer

    Could you expand upon the ankle weights thing?
  4. Get yourself some webbing off eBay. It'll probably be cheaper than a weighted vest anyway. Spread the weight out around the pouches with bags of sand. Can't beat 'training for the event' IMHO. Oh and don't do too much running with weight. You'll only knacker yourself and turn up carrying an injury.
  5. So maybe use 1 week on 1 week of?

    Googled a bit and alot negative comments but those arent people about to (hopefully) pass adsc and start basic training for 6 months doing load carrying
  6. Focus on getting your general fitness to a high level first (10km in under 50 mins is a good start) then begin adding a few weighted runs, just so, if nothing else you're confident you can run in boots with weight. Google some stretches for you lower back etc if your new to running with weight. The 2 most important things are 1 arriving very fit and 2 arriving without a niggling injury.
  7. I do free weight training to dont know if this will help as do squats/leg press/calf raises and deadlift/lat pulldowns/chins for legs and back workout so would it be less stressfull anyway?
  8. TheIronDuke

    TheIronDuke LE Book Reviewer

    Ankle weights. No, I am not taking the piss. Nor am I a qualified PT instructor, but ankle weights? What? The human body is magnificent and basically a sprung structure, your skeleton. It is designed to carry weight. For a short distance and maybe at speed. But only if the weight is distributed high up so the impact may be absorbed by the entire sprung structure that is your skeleton.

    Seems to me it is like lifting heavy things. We're built to do it, but regard how it will impact upon your skeleton before you do. Otherwise get used to limping and aches when the wind is from the west.
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  9. Not unless you train doing a thousand reps of tiny weights none stop over 45 mins. Running with weight uses muscles differently to lifting heavy stuff. Weights help you pull and look good on the beach. For what i'd call 'useful fitness', lots of running (and find some hills) swimming, press ups, chip ups, sit ups (using own body weight)
  10. Fat people carry a lot of weight around their podgy torsos and disgusting cankles. You never see them moving fast or covering any distance do you?
    Think on.
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  11. The weight is spread differently in a vest compared to a bergen.
    I got myself a vest a while back and have ended up putting using it for extra weight in my backpack when I go walking.
  12. Im not a big fan of ankle weights,can be excessive and alter running form causing injury.wrist weights can be good though for runs up to 4miles,gives you an effect similar to a cross country skier of using 4 limbs.
  13. don't bother with running with weight pre training, the risk of injury is high and its really not worth it. Just get some miles in your legs and keep the general fitness ticking over.
    just make sure you can run a sub 9 min pft and your onto a winner.
  14. Ankle weights exert a tractive force on your knee joint, ie pull it apart, so no good for running. They are good for specific static exercises, if you have the time, but you need to do loads of reps.