Weighted jump rope?

Discussion in 'Weapons, Equipment & Rations' started by Pacifist_Jihadist, Jan 19, 2009.

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  1. A friend recommended to use a jump rope as a decent way to work out, and that its best to get a leather one. So having a look around the net i find Argos have one in for £10 but its called a Weighted jump rope, is that just weights in the handle to make it harder or what? Or is a leather one a waste of money and is one at £2 (not a kids one) just as good?
  2. weighted tends to mean a tube with weights inside. Forget it - most any will do for you.
  3. Cheers, i was thinking the weights were in the handles. I'll just get the £2, if it wears out its cheap to replace.
  4. For my tuppence worth.

    The argos one for a tenner will last forever, it is weighted being made of leather, I use one for my clients (I am a personal trainer). It also has ball bearings in the wooden handles to ensure smoth turns.

    The cheap ones all snapped (cheap plastic) or the handles broke. I would not buy a kids one unless you are under 5 feet tall.

    I have been through at least £20 of cheap ones in 6 months.

    On a slightly differrent note skipping is the best CV exercise for burning calories that I know of with less impact on the knees than running. Go for it.
  5. I knew the leather one would last, hence why looking at it. But its the weighted part i confused about, it says "bearings for extra speed", so im assuming its removable weights to turn it into a speed rope.
  6. No, when a rope is weighted it is easier to get turning and get into a rhythm. If you use a non weighted rope it will not spin as easily. Another way of putting it is to try and swing a cheap plastic clothes line round your head and then try a thick peice of rope. The weighted rope moves a lot more easily. The weighted part is the rope itself and not adjustable.

    The ball bearings in the handles are to allow the weighted rope to move more easily to stop you getting wrist ache.
  7. weighted jump rope?

    You mean a skipping rope.

  8. Two good posts mate and your points are well made. Have not seen the Argos model, but I'd presume that the rope can be adjusted to body height with the minimum of fuss?
  9. i bought a "weighted" leather skipping rope from soccer sports or sports direct, what ever it's called these days and you can remove the weights and it has bearings for faster turns
    i think it was about £7 or so
    plus you may also need to soften the leather a bit as it can be quite stiff out of the box/packet