weight training

Discussion in 'The Training Wing' started by peterduck, Feb 6, 2006.

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  1. counld any one help me? i am looking to start weight training and was wondering if anyone has any advise on
    what i should do.
    what ammount of time should i start train for to start with and what should i build it up to?
    and any other advise you could give

    sorry about the spelling but im not that clever so dont take the pi$$
  2. I think you mean "weight training"?
  3. You should start by waiting in line at the Post Office, and work your way up to bus queues and the like.
  4. Go and stand in a corner, for a long time.
  5. Damn you Tartan!
  6. Perhaps speak to your local gym?
  7. If you work really hard and make sure to 'wait train' every day, you'll soon be ready to wait for your Telic medal!
  8. dont take the pi$$ out off my stupidness
  9. wait training........... Is it a coincidence that the letter l is rather close to the letter i on a keyboard?
  10. I'm sure that the QM could help you out if you ask him for a long weight...
  11. Perhaps that should be Jim?
  12. Perhaps you should enrole yourself for some basic spelling and grammar classes on the way to the gym.

    - Could instead of "coulnd"
    - Amount instead of "ammount"
    - Of instead of "off" -

    If the problem with your spelling is a case of chubby fingers versus the keyboard, a diet minus the pies would be the place to start.

    Couldn't resist!!!
  13. Damn, I misread it. I thought that it said walt training. :oops:
  14. lol I love a good dig at retardededded spelling. Where would the english language be without it (!!!even though i cant rite or wread 4 sh1t)
    Um no, it really depends on you. Whats your current level of fitness, what type of things do you want to build muscle for, specifically what muscles do you want to improve, and why? The only advice I can give is start with light dumbells/ weights, and progress:
    When training over a long period of time remember: 'ISPOR'
    I - Individuality (Train to your needs; nobody elses! if your a weaklen don't start off training using 20kg dumbells!)
    S - Specificity (make your training specific to your needs, i.e. If you want to improve your triceps do press-ups
    and not sit ups)
    P - Progression (Obviously; keep progressing, by e.g. adding more reps each training session, or by increasing the weight you lift)
    O - Overload (Do NOT do more than your body can handle! just always push yourself that little but further)
    R - Reversability (Remember; if you stop training then your levels of fitness will decrease and diminish, so once you start, keep at it!)

    Hope atleast some of this helps. :wink: