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Discussion in 'Health and Fitness' started by Pukka, Apr 27, 2008.

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  1. Can anyone suggest where I might find a decent upper body weight training routine please. Have been doing weights for about two and a half months now, but kinda made up my own routine. I have seen some positive results, but now feel that it has become a bit stagnant. I have two real concerns with my routine
    1. Adaptation
    2. Am I overworking certain muscles?
    Any advice/comments would be appreciated.
    And I am taking a protein supplement aswell.
  2. I may get shot by a pro for this(?) but what about something like Mens Fitness, they've got routines in there every month. I copied one of theirs for abs and it certainly worked and it was reassuring to know I actually had some direction instead of just plodding around doing my own thing.
  3. 1) What is the intended purpose of the resistance training routine?
    2) What other training sessions are you doing & when / how long?
    3) What facilities do you have access to?
    4) Is there a time limit you have for each session, or certain days you can't train?
  4. 1. Intended purpose is to increase muscle size and strength, as I start basic at the end of July.
    2. I train Monday to Friday and take weekends off to rest. I alternate sessions, so one week I will do 2 weight sessions and 3 cardio sessions (mainly running with 5 to 10 mins on the bike or rower etc), the next week 3 weights and 2 cardio. Weights normally last about 1hour - 1hour 15 min. Cardio lasts about an hour.
    3. I am a member at a gym so most facilities are available ie, machine weights and free weights.
    4. Maximum time limit would be about 90 mins but preferably 60-75 mins.
  5. You would get faster gains if you worked your legs aswell, as opposed to just upper body. but it would ultimately come down to your diet. To gain you need to eat more.
  6. If it's for basic training, switch to muscular endurance instead of strength training - if you're under-weight you will still gain quality lean mass providing you eat a calorie surplus (~10-15% above maintenance); Switch reps to 15-20+ and try to keep rest periods inbetween sets less than 60 seconds. Adaptation would be decreasing the time spent resting (inbetween sets).

    Keep the exercises basic & focus on the movements that target multiple muscle groups so as to stimulate growth / putting on mass, exercises such as; regular squats, deadlifts, overhead press, bent over rows / lateral pulldowns, bench press, barbell curls & tricep pushdowns. Generally you'd never do squats and deadlifts together, though if it's for endurance training then typically you're keeping the weight light-moderate & thus not putting as much stress on your connective joints / lower back.

    You can follow the routine described above in that sequence, doing it twice / week (every ~72 hours e.g. Monday / Thursday, or Tuesday / Friday).

    Even better if you can substitute circuit training classes in for resistance training sessions instead, as it's my understanding the army PTIs will have you in the gymnasium *frequently* doing circuit type training during basic (serving members correct me of course), so you may as well condition your body for it somewhat if your gym provides such classes.

    You might find your legs / lower back / lower limb joints feeling over-worked, if that's the case then skip a resistance training session (better to prioritise your CV sessions) & perhaps look to fit in a swimming session somewhere (instead of an impact cardio session) to give your joints a wee reprieve.
  7. You say you work on it monday to friday, for upper body stuff, you should take rest days between each session. So it's better to work Monday, Wednesday, Friday. I find, if you work upper body on those days, and legs or cardio on the days between, you get a good full work out.

    ALSO, if you go on the Royal Marines website, and go into their fitness programme, there's a great circuit training bit, which I've found extremely useful for all over my body.
  8. pukka what date you going phase one and where you headed?
  9. Since you're going for Basic, I would make sure you do at least three cardio sessions per week; cardiovascular fitness is more important, in a military context, than brute strength. Try to run outdoors, rather than on a treadmill.

    If you have a full week to train, alternate a weight training session with a run, so you would pump iron on the Monday, then run on the Tuesday, then repeat. Sunday should be a rest day. Not for religious reasons but because the body needs time to recover! :D

    A good weight training program is the 3 Day Split: work each body part hard, once a week, spread over three non-consecutive days. For example:

    Monday = Chest, Biceps and Triceps.
    Wednesday = Legs
    Friday = Back and Shoulders(Abs are trained on all three days)>

    You should concentrate on compound exercises with free weights. The Big Three are Bench Press, Squat and Deadlift. Between them these three lifts work every major muscle in the body.

    Good luck! :D
  10. Thanks for all the advice and tips you guys have supplied. I do quite alot of the things mentioned already, but there are some good tips that I had'nt even thought of. Think that I needed to know that I am heading in the right direction, and after the help will aim to do that now. I am off to Pirbright on July 28th. Has been a long wait cos passed selection at the end of January. Sure it will be worth it in the long run.
    Thanks again.

  11. Some good advice right there
  12. Some sound advice above.

    Try looking at Clicky as they have good descriptions and animations on how to lift properly. Also really good stretches.

  13. I'm just going to post to nod my agreement to whoever said Bench press, squats, and deadlifts. In particular for me, it's got to be squats. Nothing is better for giving you core strength, muscle symmetry, and legs like treetrunks. Maybe consider power cleans too, as you said that you have gym facilities. Without knowing your current routine in detail, i couldnt suggest any modifications, but in the way you said "i need an upper body routine" hopefully suggests that you already have some kind of lower body/core/lower back training in place. Without this, you will definitely feel out of balance, with lower stability, speed and stamina. So, in all, work your whole body, and don't forget the military press.