Weight Routine Advice!

Discussion in 'Health and Fitness' started by hellmett, Jun 17, 2009.

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  1. Greetings,

    Can any of you that are into "weight lifting" or "body building" etc. suggest a good/effective workout for a novice?

    I done a bit of weight traing a few years back so I know about reps and sets etc.

    Have noticed the ol' tits looking a bit like the wife's and I want to tone up, put on a bit of muscle and generally strengthen my muscles.

    When running (alternate days - 4/5 milers) the old legs get sore and fatigued easy and I thought some weight training might help but I may as well do the whole body when down the gym.

    I intend to train with weights in between runs, ie. alternate days.


  2. Depends on your goal; if you want to put on muscle, a split routine with medium weights and reps between 8 - 12 will cause hypertrophy and bulk you up. A few months of hard training combined with good protein( for example Whey Isolate)and you'll be wearing a white wife-beater and sneering: "Around my beautiful body, 10 laps - go!" :twisted:

    If you want strength/power more than a gym-queen's look, try Westside For Skinny B@stards or Madcow's 5X5 Routine(just Google them).

    In your own time... :)
  3. Cheers!

    I don't want to pack on muscle just tone up, strengthen and lose some body lard.

    The main reason, I suppose, is to increase my strength, endurance and to reduce injury risk and reduce fatigue.

    What do you reckon?
  4. Difficult to increase strength AND endurance with the same routine, as the rep-ranges are at the opposite ends of the scale; 3 -6 for strength/power and over 12 reps for endurance.

    Of course, if you're running regularly, I would'nt worry to much about endurance, unless you're training specifically for something that requires MUSCULAR, as opposed to cardiovascular, endurance.

    Again, I'd strongly consider Westside For Skinny B@stards; it was developed with novices in mind(not that intermediate and advanced weight trainers can't use it as well). It also mixes up the reps, with some exercises done heavy, with a last set of 3 reps and others with lighter weights and much higher repetitions.

    WFSB is used by competitive athletes in MMA, American Football etc, so I'd guess it does help prevent injury! :D

    The other main option is 5X5 by Starting Strength or Madcow. Very basic, with only a few compound lifts. Start light but increase the weight by small increments every session. :)
  5. I'll check it out!

    Cheers Werewolf!
  6. No worries, mate. I'd also recommend you talk to an instructor at your local gym; he/she can design a program specifically for you, and take you through it.

    Good luck.