Weight Requirement?

Discussion in 'Join the Army - Regular Soldier Recruitment' started by ScouseRE, Mar 10, 2010.

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  1. Hi all,

    First post here so i'll apologise in advance for any mistakes made.

    Just a quick question as I coudn't seem to find the answer on here.

    Is there a minimum weight requirement for the British Army?
  2. Go to your AFCO if you have your recruiter should have measured your height and weight.
  3. If you dont have the official answer dont even bother posting (its getting deleted!)
  4. Yee its 60kg
  5. you have to fit in a bmi catergory.
    I'm 174 cm and 58 kg and I'm aceptable. but I'm 15 so if your older then I'm not to sure.
    if you know what your Bmi is than thats a good thing to know. My bmi on the chart is 19.
  6. BMI 25 or under is what i was told but it's all done a case by case at the ADSC as you get the odd Martin Johnson turning up.
  7. Whatever you do, don't trust any public weighing machines in shopping centres, on railway stations or in other locations. I jumped on one in a shopping centre recently, and instead of putting in my proper height of five-foot-nine, I mistakenly entered nine-foot-five. The machine spit out a card that said my weight of ten-stone-eight was "within the normal parameters for my height".

  8. My BMI is 20.40 I think

    Im 60kg and height is 5 ft 6.

    Reckon thats alright tbh
  9. PLEASE TAKE NOTE WHAT WAS SAID HERE BY DISCO AS ALL THE INFO BELOW IS FALSE....go into the ACIO and they will let you know if you fit in the category and yes you can be under weight BMI. I do know the DS answer but have put the figures on here so many times before its getting tiring so use the search engine.

    20.40 BMI is ok Ryyy

    Surfer S totally wrong

    Dammj correct difference in BMI for under 17 year old and over 17

    Jayy totally wrong

    Bugsy its not public weighing machines at first its the person who inputs the info