Weight problem needing to get fit

Discussion in 'Health and Fitness' started by Robp85, Jun 14, 2009.

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  1. First of I'm 6"2 and 10 stone with an extremly fast metabolism. My plan is to join formation recee and want to specilise in the para/commando role. I'm a bit underweight and not at a great fitness level and need to sort it out I have 3-4 months to be prepared, my routine is currently lifting weights 3x a week doing 2 muscle groups a session with 3 excercises for each (I've no money for the gym and just have a bench with a barbell with weights and a chin bar. I'm going for 3x a week running but worried to much will cause weight loss I will struggle to gain back will 20 mins fartlek be enough say twice a week then a long distance 1x? Haven't yet timed my mile and a half which I know is most important bit so know what to improve by but unless I specilise at a later date need prepare for the 10 miler also and be able do the 9 min 30 mile and half.
  2. Are you anorexic or just touching on the "gay catwalk model" side?

    No amount of throwing in para, commando or recce buzzwords will get you the answer you strive for.

    It will however gert you the moniker "skinny civilian, big timing cnut".

    Hope this helps.................

  3. I also have a really fast metabolism..... I run a lot and do a lot of weights.... the solution.... EAT! lots and lots! I eat about 3000 a day at least, even on a resting day.
  4. I eat 3500 cals on rest days and struggle to fit in more I'm not looking for magic weight gain tips I'm looking for a idea for a running schedule that doesn't involve over training that I won't make the weight to get past the medical but get a near fitness level that I will make it by will power and determination, I've failed it before and don't plan on doing it again took me hard work gaining the weight needed and kickboxing/mma made me drop to where I am now I've had to give it up due to that and needing the money more, the "buzz words" is not for that reason but for an idea what I'm aiming for, I do eat and eat well I'm just looking for a little positive feedback I can work with
  5. i concur
    6'2" & 10st

    i hate you and admire your freakish metabollocksism in equal measure

    i would try the pielek method, bit like fartlek except but you walk from shop to shop
    buying a pie in each one and eating it until you assume mr creosote like proportions
  6. Try eating 5 meals a day get up earlier so you can cram it all in. Your 1.5 miler is what you should be concentrating on if your wanting to go selection for the Paras. You really need to be putting on a good 2 stone to be at a good BMI. 6ft2 and 10 stone is pretty skinny. You also want to use your weights as much as possible, muscle weighs more than fat. Muscle will also benefit you alot more than gaining extra fat in the future. Sometimes its harder to gain weight for some people. A mate of mine was put on a light dose of steroids because she was near anorexic, no matter what she ate she couldn't put weight on. I doubt your situation is that extreme so don't go near the steroids. That would be the quickest option for you but they are illegal and can be dangerous. Not much more you can do but eat and train well. Good luck mate. :)
  7. If you're trying to put on lean muscle, try 3 -4 sets of 8 - 10 reps; these will cause hypertrophy(bulking up). Concentrate on the big, compound exercises like Bench Press and Deadlift. If at all possible, join a gym. You need to do some heavy Squats.

    I know money is a factor, but try to get your hands on some Whey Isolate: pure protein. Viper or Reflex is good.
  8. On a plus note... dont bother with the expensive supplements like viper or reflex..... get the stuff from myprotein who advertise on this site. Great quality product and very cheap price!! 8) I love their whey. I get the unflavoured unsweetened stuff and make it up with different fruit juices, or blended fruits every time.
  9. Pielek i like it lol I very nearly took the route of roids to the point of a he'll of a lot of research planning a cycle and almost ordering, I tend to use bsn true mass if can get my hands on some cash got a mate who owns a supplement store just over 600 cals with water which good for me :) my workout set is 4x 10 but yeah the heavy squats can't really be done at home without a rack this is my current routine
    Legs - squats/leg extensions/calf raises
    Shoulders - barbell press/upright row/shrugs

    Chest - flat press/incline press/flys
    Triceps - close grip press/skull crushers/dips

    Back - deadlifts/bent over row/chins (close overhand grip to hit bic)
    Biceps - curls that's it until lay my hands on some db's
    Then I'd do standard press ups/v press ups/alternate 1 arms all to max
  10. Milk is a definite winner when it comes to gaining weight, you'll probably gain some fat, but you can cut it after your big enough, some people say to drink about 2 litres a day, which gives you about 1200 calories. Continue to eat 6 meals a day, but have a glass of milk wherever possible, and see the results.
  11. Become an RAF blanket stacker before applying for a transfer to the army. You'll be a 15st salad-dodger in no time at all- guaranteed.
  12. For starters...eat more! If you have a fast metabolism, then counter it.

    Are you eating enough protein pre- and post-workout? If not then you won't build muscle and thus won't bump up the BMI.

    Also check that your workout routine is efficient...if you try to exercise too many muscles at once then they will take longer to improve (yes, i know it doesn't make sense, but ask a PTI or fitness instructor at the gym). Focus on activities that use lots of muscles at once like FrankCastle said e.g. Lunges, Clean-to-press etc instead of building up your arms like a lot of guys do. Get the aforementioned fitness instructor to either look at your workout or design one for you.

    I also curse your freakish metabolism. I'm attempting to get fit to rejoin the TA and i have the opposite problem! :x
  13. we should knack him & steal his metabolism
    share it out amongst the lads and then we'd all be skinny bastards
    now wheres that last cream doughnut?
  14. Lots of Steak normally works well- i eat plenty and always piles the wieght on
  15. Mate,

    Disregard all the bollox that has gone before!!!!

    This is no joke.

    I`m 6ft about 10 stone skinny as fcuk.

    But I know whats up with me.......get your arse down the docs and have a thyroid function test.

    You are either HYPO or HYPER and each is as bad as the other.....

    No No No ...we have all heard the fat birds saying its "my metabolism" "thyroid" etc....not the fcuking case!

    The only way you are going to find out, is by presenting yourself "tout suite" to a GP and finding out, if you want to keep it secret....do it private, but I know cash may be a barrier.

    I have had this for ages, never stopped me joining, never stopped me staying, never stopped me leaving.....in fact never stopped me doing whatever I wanted.

    Regular dose of Thyroxine is what you need but get it checked out to find your level, you will be surprised by how many in the forces take it daily (thyroxine that is!).

    Soon as you get that sorted....plan your career..

    If you dont just fcuk them and do it anyway....

    I recently passed the medical for RAF Pilot by the way, then told them to Fcuk off cos they fannied about with my medical!