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Weight, Paper, L85


Te short magnums seem to be built without substantial change to bolt face, perhaps new barrels makes a 308 win into a 270wssm?
.270WSM has a max. case diameter of .550" as against the 7.62x51's .473"
That's going to make one Hell of a wide magazine for a double stack!
I still thing the 6.5Grendel or, more likely, the 6.8SPC are the main contenders for a new NATO STANAG round.

PS Have you seen how much .270WSM costs :?: 8O
Oddbod, the cost of commercially produced match ammo for obscure calibres is irrelevant - if adopted, it will be produced by arsenals for much the same as current calibres, material costs being equal.

6.5mm BR has the same rim diameter as the 7.62 NATO, and has a case length of 38.6mm, so be OK for magazine width.

Other carts which would work well are:

6mm PPC (rim .440", case length 38mm)
6mm-223 Rem (5.56 NATO necked up to 6mm)
.257 Kimber (.378"rim, 46mm case)
6.5mm TCU (as 6mm-223 above but necked up to 6.5mm)
6.5x39 (.445"rim - US army experiment necking 7.62x39 down as a potential 5.56mm replacement)