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Discussion in 'Health and Fitness' started by JonIe, Nov 26, 2007.

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  1. Hello All

    Im new to these forums, and a current applicant to the Army, Well, in the sense that ive filled in my application and sent it off :)

    Im 24 - 5ft10 and currently just under 16stone

    Sadly i carry quite a bit of weight on my stomach and my fitness levels arent as high as they should be. Ive just joined a large gym close to my home, and am prepared to put in the maximum amount of effort to build my fitness levels back up, but im driven by visable results.

    That said, my question is what do you all recommend as the best way for me to drop weight and increase my over all fitness levels, I can give as much time as needed in the AM to training, and am prepared to change my eating habits as required!

    I realise im generalising, and there could be a million different answers, but id rather hear from people on this forum that can relate to what im trying to do, rather than the PT's at the gym ive joined, who sadly didnt show much interest.

    Thanks all

  2. hi i had exacly the same problem had to drop 21kg to get to selection

    dont realy need the gym unless its for weights and building mussle best thing is to run over the hills and far away like forest gump on speed!!!

    also know what ur 1.5 mile run time has to be and keep testing yourself everyweek or so.

    im no PTI but i have lost 25kg in 6month and brought my 1.5mile from 15min to 10min so i must be doing somthing right!!

    and........I think ur bmi has to be 28 or below and yours is about 32 http://www.nhsdirect.nhs.uk/magazine/interactive/bmi/index.aspx#Results

    hope this helps you sound bloody determined enough to stick with it!!!!! good luck
  3. Slow, long plods.

    Watch what you eat within reason, i.e. you don't have to cut out all the nice scoff, just as long as you are burning more than you consume (recommend burn more than 500 calories more than you scoff)

    Keep heart rate within fat burning range, this will also enhance endurance levels if the run is long enough.
  4. A book I used a few years ago, which was aimed at the commando fitness was The Royal Marines Total Fitness, by Robin Eggar. It was a good course, well structured (I thought), and got me from fat b*stard to doing respectable BFT & CFT times in a few months.

  5. Change your meal to a more healthy diet, since the body requires 2500 (male) 2000 (female) calories per day, try limiting it to this, but dont go extreme !!!! there are supplements out there try asking your doctor about getting orlistat it stop's fat being absorbed by the body during meals, and keep your PT up.
  6. Thanks for all the replies guys!!

    I am determined to get to the required level of fitness :)

    I really want this, and ill do whatever it takes to get it!
  7. What BM means is that you should buy a heart rate monitor - and use it!

  8. join slimming world! i lost five stone in six months with slimming world and running! just getting the miles in! and sit ups and press ups! get the weight off and then tone your muscles!
  9. I really struggle with sit ups :(

    Cant seem to do them at all in my current state. Its why im so determined to raise my fitness levels. Im not "unfit" i have no issues running and cycling etc, just seems to be situps i struggle with
  10. Run 10 miles a day, lets you eat what you want.

    Only problem is your knees may fall off!
  11. Ive just looked and there is a slimming world 2 minutes away from my house!
    Im gonna go there on wednesday night and see how it is.
  12. i would suggest you are 'unfit' if you cant do any sit ups.

    ok, firstly, do situps. if you cant do 1, do crunches. and the same with press ups. the best way go get good is to do a lot.

    do a best effort every other day for a few weeks to get your muscles used to exercise.

    swimming is good for CV fitness.
    i dont believe in dieting and such. it is often not good for you long term, and you could be doing untold damage to your body if your not eating right. exercise is the most effective, healthy weight loss method.

    i have a family member who has been on all the diets in the world for about 20 years. much as it pains me to think it, id bet she wouldnt make 85.

    PT, PT and more PT. do as much as you can manage safely in a session is the best method. obviously, cut down on calories and such, eat a balanced diet, and you'll be an adonis in no time.
  13. obviously you are not thinking of the correct meaning of the word "Diet".
    These diets your family member has been on are Fad Diets, sure they are diets, but they are also fads.
    A diet is simply a careful selection of foods, i mean, you can have a donut diet if u wanted.
    Of course nutrition has alot to do with your health, in the army high carb foods, high protein etc are essential for the large amount of PT that is undertaken. That is a diet.
    If you were to only eat salads, you would be fucked, same with most selections of food.
    Sure, training is important, but so is diet. Don't rule it out.
  14. There are 2 parts to most things; theory and practice Weight loss is no exception.

    There is absolutely no secret to the theory of weight loss; all you need to do is burn more energy than you consume. The rate at which it is possible to do this depends upon the amount of weight loss desired, which in turn informs how long it might take. Importantly, the faster you lose weight, the harder it is to sustain for any period (which is a problem if you want to lose a lot); and the risk of failure is increased. Note that failure often leads to relapse.

    In practice it is all about understanding our body (which is easy; all of us has a lifetime of full-time experience in maintaining a body) and having the will power to actually carry out the theory to completion. Note that 'completion' implies having an end-state, which in weight loss terms means having a target weight in the first place.

    The bottom line is simple; whilst there may be different ways of doing so (ie, the balance between diet and exercise) and some are more effective than others (and depend to some extent at least on the subject), the theory remains extant whatever the case.

    Do something that can be sustained and weigh yourself regularly; if you're losing weight you are succeeding, if you're gaining weight you are failing.

    So, man up, stop talking about it and just do it fatty. I dare you. Ney, I double dog dare you.
  15. +1 dragstrip.