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Discussion in 'Health and Fitness' started by wells598, Sep 4, 2012.

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  1. Hi all I desperately want to loose weight (around my waist mainly) I have gained since I was made redundant. The problem I have is that I can't afford to go to a gym or buy weights etc, and due to my knees I can't run. I have recently started cycling but again can't ride for long distances.
    What I would like to know is there any exercise's I can do apart from sit ups to help reduce my waist size, any advise would be gratefully received.
  2. Twist ups?

    Hold a weight when doing the sit up
  3. Sit-ups won't reduce your waist size.

    Eat less.

    Then get used to cycling long distances, which will keep you fit - but remember, it's always much easier to not eat something in the first place than it is to burn it off.
  4. Same for me. Swimming is the best as there's no real strain on the knee joints. Eat healthy and lose weight steadily. Don't do fad diets. You can eat everything in moderation. Buy smaller plates so you eat less. Walking's good but stop if there's a lot of pain. Take it easy, you're not in a race.
  5. Have you tried adjusting the cleats on your shoes and/or the position that you cycle in? That might be an issue for your knees after a few miles.
  6. already started to eat less my main problem used to be that I ate late at night which i know is bad and i have started to go for a walk after I eat so hopefully i will start to see a difference soon thanks for the advise guys
  7. Do high intensity circuits that won't damage your knees further. Stick things like heaves, pressups, situps etc into them
  8. Don't eat cereal for breakfast, have fruit instead.
    Have a medium sized meal for lunch, preferably rice or pasta to give you some carbs to give you energy for the day.
    Have a large salad (doesn't have to be boring) or meat/fish and steamed veg for dinner.

    Cut down on bread or eliminate it completely.

    Keep on cycling and go for swims if you can.
  9. Mate, there is no secret. You say your knees are shot - that shouldn't prevent you from walking around a bit more. Have you tried joining a weight watchers or slimming world club in your area? That will give you some mutual support, with the added benefit that there are always some decent MILF types trying to lose a few pounds in amongst all the whales who are only there for the social scene! :)
    I was in a bit of a rut after leaving the Army last year and just got lazy and fat. Me and the missus signed up for Slimming World in May this year and since then I have lost over a stone and a half. It is NOT a diet programme, but guides you towards sensible eating. Add in a bit of physical activity (within your limits) and Bob's your Uncle. It really is simple. Less calories in, more weight off. Good Luck.
  10. Swimming is a decent exercise that would also keep the weight off your knees. Most swimming places have a free session usually very early in the morning or late at night. See link for free sessions if your local does cannot accomodate:

    Free Swimming | money.co.uk
  11. Me and my wife have put on a lot of weight, I can't exercise because nothing really happens, but we've both lost weight, my wife, slowly but steadily, I lost a stone, my wife a stone and a half.

    She suffers from hypoglieceamia so it has to be slow.

    She packed in the cereals, now has a boiled egg, plus 1 slice of toast, a big fruit salad for lunch (all good stuff... nectarine, pineapple, whatever, in fresh orange juice)

    Then in the evening we try to have a piece of meat, fish etc, with veg..... but without too much carbs.

    It's a long term thing.... we still have the odd small fish and chips, so it doesn't feel like punishment.
  12. Called excercise referral scheme, get in quick it'll dry up.
  13. It sounds daft but eat less and excercise more, it ain't rocket science there are no mystic ways. Body fat is distributed wherever your genetically designed to put it and you cannot "target" areas. The less you weigh the skinnier you will get.
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  14. Cut all dairy, sugar and starches out of your diet - no bread, grains or potatoes. Replace with meat (at least 30 grams of protein per meal) and plenty of proper veg, keep fruit to a minimum and drink shitloads of water. That'll be enough to start shifting some serious weight without exercise, but if you really want to kick it up a gear try to get all your eating done inside of an eight hour window - so if your first meal is at 10.00 you'd finish your last before 18.00.

    If you fancy getting back into good shape without knacking your knees you could do a lot worse than popping into your local boxing club.
  15. Change your bike if you are using a MTB on the road, if money is an issue get higer pressure slick tyres and a rigid fork for it.

    Slogging along on road on knobblies soon gets to be no fun and will wear a newbie out in rapid order.