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Discussion in 'Health and Fitness' started by DesktopCommando, Nov 29, 2009.

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  1. Please Dont Hijack this thread to post crap to its intended reviewer's


    After actually caring about my fitness and weight I did the usual, bought weight loss drugs, appetite suppressors, fat reducers, without doing the fitness apart from normal military PT.

    Then I joined Slimming World (probally the only bloke there) and got their guide, which after a year and falling off the band wagon many times figured it out, by turning veggie, and belive me I enjoy meat, which I still do least once a week.

    I also started running, well at first slow fat burning pace, now getting quite good at faster speeds and endurance.

    My aim at this point is not to go in the gym and bulk up, its to lose weight without gaining extra muscule, & apart from running fitness, get to my target weight target of 86 kgs, THEN hit the gym.

    My starting weight was 109 kgs - now down to a fluctuating 96 - 102 kg

    My point for this thread is as a single soldier living in the block with access to the basic hob and microwave, what is a good low fat meat replacement food to suppress my appetite, since Im now craving like mad to sack it all and eat everything in site.

    Can anyone help ?
  2. I dont know if you have considered it but there is the (I think) Hay diet (not eating hay, that would be silly), also known as Red Day/Green Day diet. It is a vege one day protein the next and it is centralised around starch. So starchy food + vegies one day and protein (no starch) and vegies the next. I tried it years ago with reasonable results.
  3. why are you only eating in the block?

    you will undoubtedly suffer an imbalanced diet and revert to processed food because its quick and easy.

    your cookhouse should be offering 3 hot choices on core and a veggie option (probably cooked to order).

    if they're not then they are in breach of the JSP - seek an interview with your UHC through your chain of command.

    you should be seeking to smash in around 2000kcals daily if your moderately active, this is reasonably generous, (500kcal per meal, plus snacks) and if you are doing 3-4 sessions ofphys per week then youshould still lose weight.

    in a nutshell,avoid eating in the block, bad! Eat balanaced meals at cookhouse, good! keep up the phys, v good.
  4. another faddy diet that unless rigidly stuck to will probably not work.

    Unless you can defy simple biochemistry principles (which you can't) there is only one way to lose weight, expend more calories than you consume - it really is as simple as that!!!
  5. Cheers both of you, Ive done loads of stupid diets, and prefer to stay away from the cookhouse as I can see what goes into my own stomach, I can cook and enjoy doing so, but as relevant H&S issue's (for singly accom) cannot get better cooking equipment to improve it, wether this is just head of shed not understanding H&S I dont know.

    Slimming world (and this is not a plugin) taught me the red / green thing, Ive lowered my fat intake and calories, go running every night, although had a 2 week break through LSI prep and lack of motivation, but back on it now.

    just like to eat something that feels filling and take my mind off food, specialy in the lead up to something that I will eat all of ! Sisters Christmas Dinner :)
  6. Slimming world? I'm pretty sure eggs are a free food on slimming world, do scrambled eggs in the microwave, eggs are cracking for filling you up, im pretty sure beans are a free food too, have scrambled egg and beans. Get a load of microwave steam veg on the go aswell or some of the tesco "healthy living" meals and if you are going to slimming world then you are paying the Marjorie Dawes bint to give you this kind of advice, if you dont want to speak in front of the group go earlier or stay behind and get her advice, it is what your paying for, get your money's worth.
  7. I always found walking to be the best way to lose weight quickly. Take a weeks leave, go somewhere such as the lake district and walk about 20 miles/day. Weight will fall off.
  8. probally need a paddle as well :)


    Will do soon, posted from Germany to UK soon :)
  9. Grownup_Rafbrat

    Grownup_Rafbrat LE Book Reviewer Good Egg (charities)

    Fruit and veg are also free food on Slimming World. Keep bags of apples, pears, plums, satsumas, whatever is in season, to fill you up.

    Jacket spuds and beans are also free on green, and if you do the new 'Easy Peasy' plan, you can have tuna and corn with that jacket, a load of salad and it's all free. You can also make their fat free chips which are very nice.

    Drink lots of water (seems you end up peeing for England, but it's worth it) and snack on fruit and other free foods between meals to keep your metabolism going.

    As Dozy said, talk to the instructor, she can find where any hidden sins are, and give advice re recipes etc. Look through the recipe books, ideas cards and other stuff that they provide, they're a mine of information. Bloke in our group lost 2.5 stone in 12 weeks, and was even drinking beer at the weekend!

    Slimming World isn't a fad, it is about reorganising your approach to feeding yourself, understanding when to have treats and the number to have. (If I want wine in the evening, I avoid cake in the day, type of thing.)

    Good Luck.

    Edited to add

    And stay to class. You pick up loads of tips from the others, and also find out how they get round the problems of eating when on shifts etc.
  10. Swim through Poo Lake in Kaf, they weight will fall off.
  11. When I Joined The AFC I lost 1 Stone and im sure theres more weight to come off
  12. Gremlin

    Gremlin LE Good Egg (charities)

    AS D_D said the Cookhouse is there for a reason.

    Likewise there is also a reason why the block facilities are basic.

    One of your best routes would be calorie control, as suggested by D_D. You are not a nutritionist, and shouldn't attempt to be.

    Book an appointment at the Med Centre to see the MO. Explain your concerns over weight loss and that you would like a calorie controlled diet. He can arrange for a structured menu to be provided by the Cookhouse, restricting you to a specific intake per day.

    Having done that, go back to your room and throw out all forms of edible substance. Food, old rations, chocolate nuts, the whole bloody lot; even if it is 'healthy food'.

    Only eat at the Cookhouse whenever possible, and if not attempt to replicate the food that is provided for you there.

    Drop all forms of booze for at least a month. If you drink this should lose you a stone in about four weeks.

    Whenever possible drink water and lots of it. Water will fill you up and kill some of the hunger pangs.

    You are going to feel hungry. Get used to the idea. If you want to do this properly it is going to hurt.

    Finally if you expect this to be a quick fix, it won't be. At 106 Kg you need to change your lifestyle/accustomed intake dramatically and permanently. It is far far easier to gain weight than lose it, and four weeks of weight loss can be ruined in one weekend.

    You need to get this sorted now, as it will be even harder to do in Germany.

    It's a bitch, it hurts, but it has to be done.
  13. More movement, less intake, dash of dicipline.........simple as that.

    I've lost 12kg in 6 months (from 97kg to 85kg). Gym session (hard, get your heart rate up) three mornings a week for >1hr, fast running uphill on machine for 20 mins, followed by weights circuits and core strength exercises. Run once a week outdoors for >5 miles as fast as you can.

    Very light breakfast, vegetable soup for lunch, half portion of "normal" dinner at night. Don't eat too late. You start losing weight and getting stronger and, low and behold, it becomes self-fulfiling.

    Don't eat any pre-prepared shite, including McD's, chocolate, biscuits etc., etc.

    Gremlin's right...........it's a bitch, it hurts, but it has to be done.
  14. Echo the above. Although you have to watch the total calorie intake, there is a growing body of evidence that not all calories are created equal in terms of effect in the body. This started with the 1993 (?) COMA report which, though looking at heart disease, found also that certain fats were more likely to causecweight gain - these were the transfats and hydrogenated fats often found in processed food. Worth avoiding. Eating more fruit and veg is generally recommended both for health and waistline. Keep off gimmick and overly restrictive diets and see if you can get a referral to a nutritionist. Good luck!
  15. Gremmers, you have done a fantastic job in getting rid of the "sausage butties" you were wearing.

    It's no bloody fun for me though, I can't put it on, and before people start, yes, I do eat.

    Weight loss is swings and roundabouts. It's what your metabolism (sp) is about. 55kg of blonde fury coming your way if you dare to tell me different....