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Discussion in 'Health and Fitness' started by jimnicebutdim, Apr 22, 2009.

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  1. Hey all,

    I'm after a bit of advice on how to lose the beer belly.
    Obviously I understand that the best method of weight loss is simply Burn more calories than I consume and as a result I'm out doing circuits a couple of times a week, running most nights, and hitting the weights bay a couple of times a week as well.

    But I'm wondering is there any thing that I should be doing extra for losing the gut? I'm on Ops at the mo so the options to change my diet is fairly limited, and I'm already drinking a few of litres of water a day.

    I've heard that things like sunflower seeds are good for burning fat. Is this the case, and are all nuts and seed the same?
    Also do things like those 'Adios' pills you see on the box work, or are they just faddish sh1t?
    Finally, are all these aids gonna make me fart like a b'stard?

  2. Just carry on what you are doing. Forget the sunflower seeds and adios pills. There are drugs out there that will make you lose weight but they are either illegal, prescription only or make you feel like shit. Weight training (as you are doing) is very good as muscle burns calories whilst in a resting state, therefore the more muscle you carry the more calories you burn whilst doing fuckall! Eat healthy and exercise! The only method where weight stays off for good.
  3. Apparently this is the strongest fat burner in the world you get 100 tabs and take 1 tab every day I haven’t tried this myself but I’ve read loads of reviews on it and it seams pretty potent.

  4. Aye keep up with the weights, also keep an eye out for food with carbs, and if you decide to go for a protein shake, make sure the carbs intake on it is 1/5 of the packet in comparison to protein, you'll want more protein than carbs more or less. If you've got dumbells you can do the side dips with your stomach tensed, same for with major weights, just keep your stomach tensed as you use them, it'll put more strain on those muscles in and around your diaphram - seems to work reasonably well iirc
  5. Xedra Cut.

    It works, trust me. Had a few sessions on it, and it makes the sweat drip off you!
  6. Works well for what exactly?
  7. Stay off the pies and get your fat ass out of bed in the morning and go for a run.
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  8. hydroxycut hardcore
  9. Fat burning pills do as they say but it means you have to eat food that contains fat in order for the pills to work and do as it says on the box. If you eating nothing but healthy stuff then fat burners would be a waste of time.
  10. someone died in America recently and the cause of death was kidney failure linked to Hydroxycut .... I personally took hydroxycut for 4 months and lost over 2 stone, whether that was the pills or the fact i was running 5 /6 times a week and eating fresh healthy food, i dont know. Maybe it just gave me a placebo effect ... either way i stopped taking it, clearly my kidneys are important to me
  11. There was a prog on tv last week on truth about weight loss. Might still be on the iplayer. BBC1 (I think). Had squaddies eating a blended lunch rather than solids - takes time for gut to empty with the water bound up. Also had shit analysis on a high calcium diet - you crap a lot of fat out. So basically, i) loads of low-cal soup/porridge, and ii) within your calorie total have plenty of skim milk, low fat natural yoghurt and cottage cheese.
  12. Lung cancer. Have the pounds off you in no time.
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  13. Highly overrated. Mind you, I was trying to lose weight to trim down to 55kgs despite having 4% body fat.

    The best bet is running tbh. I'm yet to read a study which conclusively proves that fat burning pills work better than green tea, which is a hell of a lot cheaper.
  14. Found thermobol worked very well for me, just helped to cut down cravings and gave a much needed energy boost due to a low calorie intake.

    I tried Hydroxycut Hardcore, found it really fucked with my head, gave me serious temperament issues and well gave general craziness, something which after reading up on is non to common of a side affect.

    Personally loads of CV loads of weights minimal carbs and loads of protein and you should see it all drop off, especially on op's i lost about 10 kilo's in a month while stuck at bastion and I wasn't a fat bloke by any account, went from 82kg to 72kg, from a diet of thermobol, no carbs loads of protein and smashing weights + CV