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I've turned into a fat barseward over the summer and need to lose some fat and gain some muscle bulk. Trouble is, I can't run for the moment due to a stress fracture that still hasn't cleared up. I was looking into things like Thermobol by Maximuscle to help lose the weight whilst I swim, row and cycle, but will it help? Also, can anyone reccomend a good supplement for muscle gain? Cheers!

Shameless bump, with the added question, if I start a protein high diet including protein shakes, but still ramp up my CV work, will I reap the benefits of muscle work, or will it be wasted due to too much CV stuff?
I'm going to burst your bubble here, but you can't lose fat and gain muscle at the same time. To gain muscle you need a calorie surplus and to lose fat you need a calorie deficit..

You are better off losing fat first and then start lifting weights.

Hope that helps x
Dont know about you but certain supliments like Thermobol that ive tried make me feel twitchy plus unless your battering the cardio they dont really do much and they are expensive....

What I found really gives me a boost to losing extra pounds are Apple Cider Vinegar capsules which you can get from places like holland and barrats and they only cost about a fiver....

good luck and hope this helps, is doing for me and ive got 3 stone to shift!
hydroxycut hardcore is what bodybuilders use to cut weight before a show-its mainly caffiene based and acts as a sort of hunger suppressant so ul go through the day fine til u get to night time which is wen ul get major munchies! zll in all Hydroxycut is qute good-made my brother lose weight and he was thin anyways

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