Weight loss around the mid section. Diet/Eating better.

Discussion in 'Health and Fitness' started by the_beer_man, Apr 12, 2011.

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  1. Started to put on a bit of flab around the middle. I used to adopt the attitude that as I trained hard and a lot then what I ate was cancelled out. This was true until recently as I'm fast approaching 30 and don't have the metabolism I used to.

    Looking for eating ideas as I'm not very adventurous and salad dressings and sauces make me physically gag. I like pasta but as I know it's high in carbs so eating that all the time won't help. But as I train a lot I still need the fuel to burn.

    Training wise it's usually a bit of everything. Heavy weights, mid distance running, long distance, circuits and swimming. But has anyone got anything that really helps with shifting the flab around the belly. Seem to have toned up everywhere else apart from my stomach. Not looking for a 6 pack the hercules himself would be proud of but getting rid of a pot belly akin to a hunger ravaged African child would be nice.

    Any tips, pointers or articles to read welcome. So is piss taking.

    Thanks, TBM.
  2. I had a little bit of a pot and all I can tell you is what I have done. Cut out white bread, whit pasta, white sugar, beer, wine and cider. I take smaller portions but more often through the day, lots of veg, potatoes and whole grains for energy, and I am slimmer around the stomach than I have been in 7 years but stronger as well. I’ve lost over one and a half stone. Takes a bit of time but I reckon the biggest factor was cutting out alcohol and smaller portions of food. I was brought up in Gods county, so smaller portions was hard to do, but it’s been worth it for a flat belly. My stomach has defiantly shrunk. Just don’t ever eat McDonalds!!
  3. To be honest it's just common sense. Smaller, low fat meals, and cut out beer. Keep your eye on the amount of carbs. When you eat potatoes and rice and pasta, be honest with yourself and cut the portion size down, you'll be surprised at the difference that makes. Fill up on vegetables more. Cut right down on bread.
    Drink wine instead of beer when you get pished, it's a lot less calories for the same effect.

    Keep your meals simple and non processed. So try these:

    A steak, baked potato (just the one) and steamed broccoli.
    Grilled chicken breast, steamed baby veg and mash. (Watch the butter)
    Grilled lamb kebabs with coucous. Stir some chopped veg (spring onion and peppers) and a light salad dressing into the couscous. Serve with a pitta or 2. Newmans balsamic dressing is nice, don't overdo it.
    Grilled lamb chops with aparagus or carrot batons and boiled new potatoes.
    Chicken stir fry with lots of veg of your choice, add 2 tbsp of oyster sauce at the end. Serve with steamed jasmine rice.
    Spaghetti bolognese. Make it from fresh vegetables, passata, a little red wine, and low fat mince, and keep the serving of pasta small.
    For something different and low fat: Spanish bean stew. Cook 2 diced potatoes, 1 diced onion, and garlic in a little olive oil for ten mins. Add 250g of chopped chorizo, 2 tsp of paprika, 3/4 litre of chicken stock, 400g of bean (borlotti, cannelini half and half) and simmer for 25 mins. Serve with broccoli and a pitta.

    Finally, do more fat burning CV work in the gym. 30 minutes on the bike or treadmill at medium pace 3 to 4 times a week should be plenty.

    I've been losing about 2-3 pounds a week doing that and I was a right fat fucker, I've lost one stone so far. It's the beer that put my spare tyre on.
  4. Remember that fat comes from excess carbs (those that you don't burn off), rather than dietary fat as many seem to think (although the fat does add a bit). Training's not really the answer - it's always easier simply not to eat the calories than it is to burn them off, so do the exercise that you need to by all means, but trying to do more won't really help shift the flab.

    If it's only a bit of flab, just try and get rid of it gradually, preferably by replacing some of the carbs with veg. Pasta is actually ideal, as although the pasta itself is fattening, it's very easy to simply up the amount of veg in the sauce and reduce the amount of carbs by having less actual pasta - and it's the same with curry, chinese dishes with rice, chili, etc. Also, it'll be rather less depressing than looking at a plate with some meat, a huge portion of brocolli, cabbage or peas and a tiny helping of potatoes!
  5. Try 'lactic' workouts to boost GH production and combat cortisol. That will directly work on stored belly fat.
  6. High intensity interval training or farkleck (spelling?), boosts metabolism and does wonders for CV, think spinning classes or circuit training rather than just plodding along on a treadmill. Our VM lost 8 stone (first 2 where from the FOB diet LOL) using these.
  7. Me and Mrs imbiber got one of those Blackberry smart-phone things each at the turn of the year and we downloaded the Calorie Counter app by FatSecret. Its simple to work, and once you punch in your weight, age and target etc away you go.

    The main thing its encouraged us to do is portion control and to cut out the crap we used to eat during the day. She's lost 6 kg and Ive lost 3 kg; a fair return for very little effort bar punching in what you've consumed each day.
  8. 8 stone? What does he weigh now?
  9. Besides the obvious "eat less than you burn off " , I've noted a few things that help me personally.

    Exercise when you are feeling hungry, your body will then use stores to maintain blood glucose.
    Drink pint of water with every meal to stretch the stomach and stop you feeling hungry.
    Eat more at the start of the day, a good breakfast with wholemeal bread or porridge to slow the absorption through the day. When possible eat brown rice / brown pasta.
    Eat less in the evenings, especially alcohol !

    Good luck

    Retire and spend more time in the garden and less time stuck at a desk...
  10. I've lost a stone in the last 8 weeks just by not going to the pub everynight of the week.
  11. For many of us here (and def me!) the demon drink really does represent a lot of the problem!

    Think of it as glasses of sugar syrup and you get the picture....
  12. I don't know how helpfull or practical this is, but when I was younger I boxed a few times at my first posting and in the early weeks of training there was a lot of fat burning needed for most of us to get down to fighting weight.

    Every morning involved a steady state run at an easy pace, with plenty layers on (trousers 3 tops hat and gloves), for around 3-5 miles before breakfast. Only thing we were allowed to have was a cup of black coffee.

    Im not sure how it worked, or if it is healthy at all, but it worked really well. Trimmed every one down to lean mean fighting machines. 3 sessions a day helped aswell, but I think the morning run was the real fat burner.
  13. he started at 20, now down to 12, absoloutly amazing. Once he got the first few stone off he felt alot more capable and just kept it up when he got back from tour.
  14. Good going! Only draw back is fan neen o' yer clothes fit ony mair!
  15. A mate of mine got rid of his pot belly by cycling for an hour.