Weight gaining supplements best and worst?

Currently using my protein total gainer at £22 with 411 cals and i find with water is horrible and with milk does not taste good or mix well, not tried elite gainer at £37 also 411 cals anyone tried that?

Im considering pro labs nlarge 2 at 620 cals but £35 Both extra pennys that i dont want to waste without cause.
And im looking into cnp pro-mass, usn muscle fuel mass and usn muscle fuel anabolic.

I have used phd pharma gain before which taste great but 350 cals although mixes really well and can even add a couple scoops complex carbs to boost that and as all above milk adds 200 cals.

Anyone have a favourite i may have overlooked? I know its not all about the calories but its a base line for me as a hard gainer its all about mass cals!
Gaining Weights a doddle, eat pies x lots, Crisps x lots, Chocolate x loads and for fluids take only beer or full fat coke.
You to can have a body like mine if you put the work in (And pies, lots of pies).


Become a girl & move to Essex. You'll soon pile the weight on.
No havent been told need to but i want to. my weights fine in terms getting in my bmi 19.5 but i am skinny and dont want to come out of basic a complete rake.
More calories in than out will help you put on weight.

You need to eat right though, getting all your protein/carbs/fat from suppliments isn't great.

You typically want to be getting around 1.5g per lb of bodyweight for carbs/protein. Have a look around the internet and sort yourself out a proper diet, you can get most of it from a good diet with pasta/tuna/chicken/potatoes/eggs etc, the suppliments should just top it off.
Im not just getting calories from supplements lol using as what they are a supplement.
i aim for 3500 daily getting at least 2500 from actual food depending what time i have to prepare and eat.
Ive not made any consistent gains at that although have just started hitting the weights after a year of so with that and if i go for 2x shakes daily 4000 calories a day should do it.
Anyone want to swap there metabolism?
Maybe you're just born with a lean ectomorphic physique and no amount of protein shake will change it?? That said, my eldest is trying to bulk up for rugby and is taking Creatine

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