Weight gain?

Discussion in 'Health and Fitness' started by ARMY_MAD, Nov 10, 2007.

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  1. Hello all! I have just joined the local gym to start to get in shape for a army career. My problem is being fairly lanky (6.4 and weighing in at 10.7) giving me a BMI of 18.1 which is underweight I might not pass selection. At the gym I have taken up swimming, rowing and some light weight exercises (instructor recomended not to over work as I am apprently still growing) I am set on gaining weight, however I realise that to do this I will need to take in more food, I am not keen on the idea of supplements and I would rather take in more food,what sort of foods are good?

    Many thanks in advance

  2. That would require a shi* load of food to get the same effect (probably impossible to sustain the about of eating) of supplements. You can't beat Maximuscle products, check there web site.
  3. You have a BMI of 18% at 10 stone? Man you must be out of shape
  4. Blob cheers for that, im on the website now, it looks good although I dont really know what im looking for! I take its muscle gain I want? They sell it in argos although its a tad pricey and I dont think you get many servings from it!


  5. So your underweight? I guess the only option is to eat more. More of the right things like steak, eggs chicken breasts fish, whey protein. Get to the gym as well and start pumping iron.
  6. How old are you btw? Ref. the still growing comment.

    I'm typically not a fan of supplements - a lot of powders being fast digesting whey proteins and carbs which is useless for you unless you combine with full fat milk / cream etc so it doesn't digest as quickly. If you're struggling to gain weight and find it difficult to get in enough calories try eating more wholesome foods: whole eggs, full fat milk, add some cheese / butter / heavy sauces to your pasta dishes, fatty cuts of meat, nuts / pulses etc. Combining fats with the carbs / protein you're eating slows down digestion of your meal and helps to provide your body with a more steadier release of nutrients to support growth.

    Bare in mind too much CV work will inhibit your size gains from the resistance training you do, so don't go over board with it.
  7. Almost 17, so apprantly I have a few years of growth left (doctors persumed I would be 6.5ft at 2) I think one key problem is that I have a high metabolism (sp?) it never matters how much I eat it just vanishes! The instructor also said to focus on endurance and stamina rather then power and strength.

  8. Hello mate. Weight gain is my speciality 8)

    Your instructor sounds like an idiot, but they are paid minimum wage and taught about how many slices of bread are suitable in a week, so I don't blame them.

    Power and strength are fine, endurance is fine, you want a balance of all of the above.

    In reference to "only do endurance", when was the last time you saw a well built marathon runner?

    In reference to "you're too young" that is garbage. Just because you are still growing doesn't mean you can't train with intensity and eat properly.

    In reference to MaxiMuscle, don't waste your money. None of it is needed if you don't have a diet and routine in place, and much of it is overpriced junk anyway (IMO of course). Not only that, there are MUCH cheaper and better alternatives that aren't over-marketed.

    At your age, I rarely see people advocate getting too serious about diet, but thats up to you.

    At your height and weight, you can afford to eat anything and everything in sight, within reason.

    What are you currently eating? Start off eating more often. Increase portion sizes of your meals. Don't be afraid of going against convention. I eat 10 meals a day no problem. Some people think this is rediculous, and some choose not to believe me but thats because we have been brought up on 3 square meals.

    Just remember, weight gain is about an energy balance. To gain weight, you must consume more calories than you expell. Simple as that.

    Any questions or anything, let me know.
  9. There are very few people who have a genuine and substantial difference in their basal metabolic rate, and even then we are talking about (say) 500 kcals either way, unless you've got thyroid problems. There is also the possibility that you don't digest your food - rarely the case, but have a look down the pan! Add everything up and see how much you really eat. People think I eat a load but I manage about 3,300-3,500, which is bang on what I need to maintain body weight. On days I do a lot I naturally eat more. Fat people underestimate how much they eat, thin people over-estimate. Be meticulous and add it up. You probably just aren't consuming that much. If you don't eat junk 3,300 kcals is a mountain, and probably only just equal toi the bare minimum you need.
  10. Thanks for all the help lads, really appreciate it! In reguards to riots question, im on three square meals a day, the evening meal always has 2 porions of veg and meat/ fish. I guess it would not hurt starting to do some weights although it can be intimidating seeing the absolute hench body builders!

  11. Mate, don't let other people stop you training. I was 11 stone piss wet through at your age, up until about 20/21. I'm 23 now and 14 stone which isn't massive, but my point is, we all start somewhere. If you're worried about getting "hench", don't be, it takes years and years to get bodybuilder big.

    Eat more often and/or increase portion sizes. Forget numbers, there is no need to get obsessive about the maths. If you're gaining, fine, if you're not, eat more. Easy as that!

    Carbs make you grow, not protein. And don't underestimate fats in your diet either.
  12. Cheers for that riot, il be off down the gym soon got to make my moneys worth (£35 a month and thats with student discount!) Just got to do this flippin coursework!

    Cheers again fella

  13. Echo 1manriot's sentiments about the general calibre of gym instructors. Done an HN course and worked in gyms a few years as one of those minimum wage paid drones, and some of the people doing these courses and working in the "industry"... well, better getting your training info from people here :wink:

    And agreed about all that shite about resistance training "stunting your growth" etc. utter pish :roll: Weights won't mess up your body, crap technique will. Was using free weights myself as a young teen for rugby performance - take a look at the guys in the free weights area and ask those that appear knowledgeable about good form etc. Alot of them are more clued up than the gym instructors. It's good motivation training among those that are bigger and stronger than you too.
  14. the_boy_syrup

    the_boy_syrup LE Book Reviewer

    When I joined I was a 28 waist and a 36 chest
    Now My waist is almost that big
    I was the same couldn't put weight on and then mid twenties struggled to keep it off
    Don't start going mad with bulk up powders just carry on as you are it'll happen
    The fact you are young and still growing should be ok at your medical
    As long as you are not Belson thin you should get through
    According to the BMI index I should be 8 foot 2 :D
  15. If hes not gaining weight, hes not eating enough.