Weight Gain

Discussion in 'Health and Fitness' started by Jamie_NCL, Jul 23, 2006.

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  1. Hello,

    I am looking to join the Army but my weight is very low (BMI of just 18) because I have a very high metabolism. Obviously the answer to this is a mixture of excersize and healthy eating, however I am struggling to find food which will contain all the neccessary requirments and is easy to prepare. I dont have a lot of free time and the canteen in work is pretty fare, so I need something I can whip up on a regular basis, any suggestions?
  2. eat alot more.

    hope this helps.
  3. Not really; I eat as much as anyone else I just don't seem to gain much weight. I would like to find out which specific foods I should be consuming to get the best results and which are easy to prepare with minimum time :)
  4. Wait until your mid 30's, do feck all and watch the pounds pile on!
  5. Drink pints of cream mixed with mayonaise for breakfast, lunch and dinner. That should help.
  6. Do a few hours of resistance training and drink milk, eat steak and drink protein shakes.

    Cake for breakfast, cake for lunch, cake for dinner.. just like an American.

  7. Do you actually mean to say you have a BMI of ONE?
  8. No, he said 18. Placing an 8 next to one of these ), makes this little fella 8) .

    God I hope I haven't been wah'd.
  9. If I had a BMI of 1 I'd be dead I think :D
    I will have a look into the protein shakes, can anyone advise one that tastes good? The one I tried previously was bloody awful!

    Also, is porridge any good? I heard that Quaker Oats was good for bulking up...
  10. Guinness and plenty of it.

    get some of the black stuff down your neck, you'll soon be a front row forward.
    Might turn your shit black but it can't be all positives.
  11. According to an ex of mine Manshake is full of protein and tasted pretty good. Best served luke warm as far as I can remember! :roll:
  12. I find that manshakes are pretty useful for building up unarmed combat skills. Well it does if I try to give my wench one. Ungrateful bint.
  13. I tried, seemed pretty grateful to me! :wink:
  14. Not to sure if I can handle any manshake, doesnt sit well with either my constitution or my head.