Weight gain.

Discussion in 'Health and Fitness' started by aaron_aldershot, May 20, 2010.

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  1. Hello everyone,

    I need advice on gaining weight, im only 16 but i have basic training in September. Whilst at selection the doctor said to me that my BMI is quite low, and i would need to gain a bit of weight before i start. I weight 8 and half stone, im about 5"8. My problem is i can eat so much and not gain any weight, And when i do gradually increase i seem to lose it when training for basic.

    Are the protein/weight shakes any good? Should i cut down my training?

    Any sensible suggestions please as i need to put on atleast a stone id say before i start. Thanks in advance.
  2. Use the search function mate, this is a question that's been asked before. Don't cut down any training because chances are you still not fit enough. Good luck
  3. Do weights, build muscle, put on weight! If your going to put on weight, you must do it in a healthy way Eat plenty of protein & carbs, and use powders if you can help add to your diet. Protein will build muscle, Carbs will give you energy to train with any excess converting extra calories (I think?) Check out 'myprotein' they are a site sponsor.
  4. http://monstersupplements.com/store/p/2809/1/PhD-Nutrition-Synergy-Iso7-:-2kg-+-FREE-PHD-SMART-BAR.html

    Im putting on weight for my training, i use this and have been using it for 2 months, i started at 9st3 i am also 16 and i weighed myself a minute ago and im 10st1, put on nearly a stone of muscle, but aswell as taking this shake and going to the gym regulary, i also eat 3 proper meals a day, a big breakfast, small lunch and big tea with plenty of vegetables and meat etc, fatty snacks like crisps etc are okay aslong as you dont have too much too often. You dont want to put on fat, but muscle!
    It may seem that i think i know it all but i really dont this is just the advice i got given by my personal fitness intructor
  5. Eat a big tin of tuna and noodles a day along with your regular calorie intake, it worked wonders for me.
  6. Try 10 pints of Guinness, 3 times a week for 20 years. Seems to have worked well for me. :D
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  7. You haven't earned the nickname "Blubber" have you? :D

    I'm also working out at the gym often and I do take a protein supplement in addition to a pre-workout 'muscle amplifier' (Superpump 250). How important are carbohydrates to a muscle gain diet? I suspect the caveat is too many carbohydrates will be converted to additional calories? I do two cardiovascular sessions in-between my three weights sessions so clearly I don't want to be spoiling my cardio workouts!
  8. Eating 6 small meals throughout the day i believe is the ONE of the keys to increasing your weight.
    You really need to consume more calories to what your burning. TYou say you eat alot but whats alot? give me an example of what you eat during the day? People keep saying protein shakes and so on but you have to sort your diet out first before incorporating shakes and so on. Give me an example of what you get up to during the day activities work so and and ill write up an example of what you should be eating and you can work off that. AS for the gym what are you doing ?

    People assume going to the gym lifting some sort of weight is all you need but its more complicated than that.
    Look forawrd to your reply either pm or on this more than happy to help
  9. Wee ally is right. There is no point buying all these various supplements if your diet is not in check. Give this a try, Break your meals up in to 6 meals a day and try to make it around 500 calories per meal. In each meal make sure you have plenty of protein. i'd say at least 25 -30 grams per meal. If you can't afford to be buying lots of lean chicken and eggs etc then buy a huge tub of pure whey protein. Forget all the other crap for now all you need is a good source of protein. Have a protein shake with each meal to make up the difference. This means if you have 6 meals a day with 500 calories per meal thats 3000 cals a day. also eat plenty of carbs (Plenty of pasta, Rice, Potatoes and bread. Don't be afraid that you will get fat; if you train hard you won't get fat. When gaining muscle you will gain fat your body needs fat to build muscle, so its only natural that your body will store some. But if you eat a good healthy diet and not sugary junk food when its time to go onto cut some weight all you'll have to do is increase your protein, cut your carbs and do lots of cardio. But forget that for now; you need to concentrate on gaining some good healthy weight. 2500cals is the average intake for a male so you will have an extra 500 cals so you should see some good weight gain. The reason to add some more cals is as you said you gain weight then the moment you train it goes, so you need to eat more than you burn. The problem is to gain weight you need to eat tons and train but if you do cardio for long periods then you burn all the calories and leave none for you body to use for muscle growth. When trying to gain muscle never ever do long drawn out cardio sessions. instead do short HIIT (Interval) Training. Anyway hope I haven't bored you to death. Remember, your only 16 and your body is still growing... when I was your age I weighed around 9 stone and now at 28 I'm 13st 8. keep at it and you will get there fella.
  10. mong.
  11. Swallow plenty of musket balls just prior to being weighed.
  12. Hello all, Firstly thanks the replies espcially Gixxer1216 + WeeAlly.

    I have never really been able to eat 6 meals a day as i used to go to school so it was hard to fit them all in but now i have left i have 2 and a bit months to concentrate on my fitness and gaining that extra bit of weight i feel i need.

    WeeAlly when you say sort your diet out do you mean 6 meals a day or? i wouldn't say my diets very good i just seem to eat breakfast lunch and dinner but in between i just pig out which i know isn't very good but i need to start a fresh decent diet so do you have any suggestions?
    Also when you say what activites i do on a day to day basis, i get up, have breakfast then normally go to the gym here i will do weights, sit ups,press ups, bike, then sometimes either cross trainer or swimming, have a snack , then do nothing till lunch which i might have a roll and some fruit depends how i feel and then i go for a run, normally between 3-5 miles and then dinner and that's it. I think i need a set routine each day so i eat and exercise at certain times, just so i stick to it and not eat and exercise when i feel like.

    Gixxer1216 thank you ever so much for the detailed reply it was a good read and i have taken down some notes to remember what you have said, i need to start working out my calories per meal to make sure i am eating the amount you say i should or if im not add to it so i am, would you recommend doing interval training for every run i do or just use it for one run a week?

    Once again thankyou for your time.
  13. Hello mate im glad i was helpful. I would not do interval training every run as you will just burn your self out. It depends how often you run in a week but ill give you a example. If you run 4 days a week then you want to do interval training and endurance training both are important which im sure you already know. So an example would be do a long run on monday for at least an hour wednesday do intervals friday long run and sunday Intervals. then obviously youll have to take the monday off and start your next training week on a tuesday but i cant stress enough how important it is to let you legs rest if you have not done to much interval training maybe do just one session of intervals per week to start with then when you feel your ready increase it to two. And remember to add in your weight sessions what i do is running in the morning and then hit the gym in the evening. That way a rest day is a rest day some people do weights on there off days from running but i prefer to do them both on one day and then have a whole day of rest in between. Hope ive been of some help and keep it up.
  14. Hello mate, glad you replied all the information you have given me has been great, i normally run 3 times a week but the days i have off go to gym but like you said it isn't really a rest day if im doing exercise on it, so i might do as you say and run in morning's and hit the gym at night. I will start with one session of interval training to start with and maybe increase it the second week. I think i need to write down times to run have meals and go to gym, might benefit me. Thanks for the help mate.