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Discussion in 'Health and Fitness' started by Flagrantviolator, Mar 5, 2008.

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  1. I'm 35 y/o.I've recently stopped drinking (60 days thereabout) and have gained almost 30 lbs, mostly muscle in 2 months. I hit the gym hard daily except for rest days, and am consuming @ 1 gram protein for every lb body mass daily.(In the form of whey isolates and egg whites)I keep packing it on with no end in sight. I've gotten noticable gains and even been accused of juicing it by my friends. My BMI is now .1 over normal. What concerns me is that waaay back I was allowed into Canadian Forces on "Teen Allowance " for BMI, as I was well underweight.I aalways assumed I was just a skinny guy by nature.(Though I drank like a fish even at 17).Even during my 1 dalliance w/ steriods (1 cycle Sustenon), and working as a blocklayer's labourer, I only got up to 180 lbs. Is this gain normal?Healthy? Are there any dangers inherent in the amount of protein I'm consuming? Any advice would be appreciated. Thanks
  2. If the weight gain is muscle built soley on ingested protein from natural foods such as fish/eggs then there should not be a problem. You do need to make sure you are getting a healthy amount of carbohydrates and sugar though, otherwise your liver can suffer.

    You're not taking Creatine are you? If you are, I'd avoid it.
  3. Eating healthy, lots of carbs, sugar, and good fats. Some creatine in supplement. Why is this bad?I'd hate to damage my liver with my new healthy pastime, FFS
  4. Creatine, whilst making you look like The Hulk for a while, basically just increases the muscle bulk through water retention. When you've stopped taking it and when you're not able to hit the gym every day (Which trust me, you won't) it'll all turn to fat and you'll have your own set of jiggly moobs.

    It's really not worth using and it's better to get there through pure muscle over a longer time.
  5. I can see that you might lose muscle mass, but does it really turn to fat. I suppose your bfp could increase as your weight drops. But i wouldnt imagine it to be that drastic.
  6. A fair bit of it will be stored in fat cells (which have a high water content).

    I only know this as I used creatine myself years back, I kept hitting the gym but when I came off the Creatine, muscle volume went down and fat volume went up.
  7. Sorry but that is so much bollocks Belt_Twit

    Creatine doesnt make you "look like the hulk" and when you stop taking it there is no way that what muscles gained when taking creatine will turn to fat!

    "basically just increases the muscle bulk through water retention" Again no it does not, a side effect from taking creatine can be water retention however.

    Taken from another site :

    In a nutshell, creatine's function is to help to supply energy to muscle cells. It's believed that creatine works as a phosphate reservoir which is used for regenerating ATP (adenosine triphosphate) -- which you may remember from high school biology is the main fuel for the muscle in initial high-intensity muscle activity. When a muscle contracts, ATP loses some phosphate in the process of creating energy. Creatine is a source of fuel for re-supplying that lost phosphate which in turn is then used to create more ATP.
  8. It's not a load of balls according to my doctor, but I am sure a site on the internet is correct. After all, the internet is serious business.

    The muscle does not turn to fat, the water retained within the muscles (which is more when you take creatine) will start being absorbed by fat cells once the high intensity gym routine stops.
  9. Huh?
    Huh? x2

    This is absolute garbage mate, what a load of rubbish.

    Hahaha it gets better!!

    Its not a side effect, it is the reason it works, extra water in the muscle cells can lead to better performance in theory (and certainly in anequdotal evidence).

    Again, this is utter rot.

    All this to say about creatine, yet not mentioned the sus cycle?! LOL
  10. I'd imagine your output is a lot less now than previously.

    Gaining weight is an energy balance, more cals in than out.

    Is it a problem? Not really, not if you're going about it the right way. Muscle memory counts for a lot too.

    And if creatine works for you, it is fine to keep using it.
  11. You've said rubbish about the water retention, yet confirmed it works? What?

    Either I'm thinking about an entirely different substance, my doctor is a cnut, or you're talking bollocks. EVIDENCE rather than "OMG LOL BBQ U R WRONG!!!!1" would determine which is correct.

    If I'm wrong then apologies and I stand corrected, however you've not offered any alternative evidence.
  12. No I've not!

    Evidence about what? Evidence creatine does what it says it does? Evidence muscle doesn't turn into fat and vice versa? Evidence extra water will mysteriously osmosis itself into fat cells when you stop training?
  13. Muscle doesn't turn into fat - fat cells are however contstructed out of a high amount of water and an excess can lead to an increased level of fat in the body. Muscle doesn't directly turn into fat, I don't think anyone is claiming that, but over time if they are unused your body will break down and eventually they will end up as fat. Hence why when people are highly muscly and stop training, they will get rather more fat than someone with less muscle would if THEY stopped training.

    I take it you're a creatine user.
  14. Thats rubbish. The only possible way a "muscly" person could end up "fat" is if they maintained eating habits and reduced output.

    Creatine user? No, does nothing for me at all. Never noticed a thing.
  15. You're very keen to shout "rubbish!" at everything without providing any proof thereof, I do not have a problem with your statements if they are infact true, but your way of just jumping in to topics shouting "wrong wrong wrong HAHAHAHA" is fecking annoying.

    I would even be happy to prove myself wrong, as I'm currently unable to exercise and it'd be nice to know I am not going to have a big pile of flab.

    Yes, creatine user. One who uses creatine. Hard to grasp?