Weight for my bergen

Discussion in 'Army Reserve' started by Mennox, Aug 1, 2007.

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  1. well im thinking of walking to work tomorrow with my bergen (3.5mil) so i can get used to it as suggested by a WO2 when i was at the RTC at the weekend, also ok'd it with my unit too.

    What practical things can i add into my bergen to give it a realistic weight for when i do my CFT in Sept?

    Cheers :)
  2. All your issue kit
  3. wow fast reply cheers :)

    compressed or uncompressed sleeping bag?
  4. dont use dead weight (Weights 5kg 10kg etc.) use your sleeping bag in bottom then heavier stuff to the top.

    added uncompressed
  5. A jerrycan of water.

    Medicine balls.

    Filled sandbags.
  6. haha i actually want to be able to work when i get there :)
  7. Get yourself a spring balance off of Ebay.

    And remeber your weight distribution. I think sleeping bag, packed webbing, helmet and CBRN kit is just over 15kg.

  8. Only if you intend to give yourself severe cronic back pain and knee damage. :roll:

    Stick with your issued kit, take plenty of water on-board (drinking) and I'd suggest doss bag on top, you might want a lie down when you get there. :D
  9. And you wouldn't get either of those using issued kit? The jerrycan and sandbags needn't be full and one medicine ball would be sufficient.
  10. i havent got owt like those anyhoo, i have my issued kit i can put in tho like the other suggested
  11. Where did you get your Bergan from? As all PLCE is centralised by the RTC and Units weren't issuing kit to recruits.

    I hope you didn't steal it from those lovely blokes at the RTC?
  12. Don't go ott..take it easy for awhile..build your weight up slowly..I'll see you in the Brecons in 6 months time :D for a short 30mile walk :cry:
  13. Errr.....I had mine issued when I got my kit from my regiment when I was a recruit.......

    I prepare to be corrected if times have changed!
  14. yep the day i got attested was the day i got all my kit issued including my bergen
  15. It's only 3.5miles. Pack a full bergen as if you were going in the field. It'll be heavier than the CFT weight but sod it, it's all good practice.

    Just make sure you walk in boots and not trainers to support your ankles.