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Discussion in 'Health and Fitness' started by Listy, Dec 5, 2005.

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  1. can anyone recomend a good set of weight exercises?

    I've got a set of Dumbells, So I can use them while at work. So I jsut need some advice to help build all my upper body strength.
  2. I haven't got any exercises (I only have the imagination for bicep curls and press ups), but you might want to try the HIT method (high intensity training - I think). 3 sets of 7 repetitions, in a very slow and very controlled manner should do it. You should aim to have as much weight on as you can manage (without injuring yourself, obviously!) and be failing somewhere around the 7th rep on the last set. If you're going above 7 then you need to add more weight or go slower, below and you need to lighten the load a little. It is also said that your muscles are worked harder on the relaxation stage of the exercise, so this is where you should be going slowest.

    I must point out that the above was gleaned from the net and HIT is a controversial subject, but it's worked wonders for me! Also, start munching on all the protein you can lay your hands on. I always found tuna, cottage cheese, black pepper and lemon juice tasty, cheap and easy.

    Hope that helps,

  3. Fang_Farrier

    Fang_Farrier LE Reviewer Book Reviewer

    lift them, put them down. Repeat until upper body built up!
  4. I know the Mens Health website is useful, trouble is you have to be a member to access some of their stuff.
    Here's a link to some flash movies for miniworkouts found on the site,

    Make sure you take your top off and wear peado shorts otherwise the exercises won't work?
  5. The reality is that unless you were born with a genetic liking to weight lifting, you'll bore of it very quickly. Note the first reply claiming that cottage cheese is tasty. Unless you think like this, don't bother.

    HIT is mainly for fat people who become very muscular, as well as fat. You need to have a ton of patience and it helps if you have an ulterior motive, such as launching your own sub-standard weights range. It also doesn't seem to do squat for most people; doing weights to failure once a week wouldn't help me to crack an eggshell, let alone carry around the overcoat on my shoulders that makes me look like I have a job. 9-12 working sets (which means to failure), 4 days in a week, will increase both your stamina and strength. Vary the muscle groups as they need 72 hours to recover. You should cover the muscle groups taking into account the mechanics of supporting muscles. For example, do biceps/back, shoulders/neck/traps, chest/tris on the same day. Finding relevant exercises for these muscle groups is pretty easy. As implied, you'll probably only have time for this if you don't have a job and/or friends.

    A tip - if you're using your dumbells sans spotter, don't go crazy on the weight. Doing flyes for example, you can literally lift to failure, and then quickly discover asphyxiation from diaphragm compression.

    I note you're doing it at work, frankly you might as well just belt off hammer curls 4 times a day with 80% of the heaviest weight you can lift. You'll see quick results and won't get bored. You can then decide if you really want to continue with weight training.
  6. Told you it was controversial. I happen to disagree with almost everything written above, but hey! I'm also unsure as to where I said do it once a week?!? It's per exercise, which you should do as often as your body is comfortable with in a week.

    Just in case you were wondering, having a positive attitude is always helpful too!
  7. You can go to Muscle and Fitness as there is usually mini training programmes in their magazine. And you can stock up on the big rude boy tubs of crash weight gain so you can get massive