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  1. Is the Hospital or should I say butchers in Wegberg still around ?
  2. nope, last I heard it had rail tracks on it, and had to be downgraded to help test British trains!
  3. There are still some RAF there so could well still be open
  4. Last I heard the meat processing had gone and they had farmed butchery out to the Germans, and is now just a glorified med centre
  5. The crab quacks there saved my life back in 71. Ha, takes more than encephalitous to off this callsign! :D
  6. What used to be the hospital at Wegberg is headquarters of the BFG Health Service, and is mostly offices. There's a small outpatients department, the psychiatric unit, and the mortuary. Elsewhere on the site is the HQ of the service schools lot. The train testing facility is at Wildenrath.
  7. The bloody surgeon knackered my knee not once but twice the Sweeny Todd cvnt. Would they keep records of operations performed at the hospital ?
  8. Yes, they keep records centrally. However, there will also be a record of any surgery in your notes - if you are still serving, in FMed4; if not, in your NHS notes. Either way, you are entitled to have a copy, for which you may have to pay a small fee.
  9. Viro what happens with the FMed4 when you leave ?
  10. The complete FMed4 is forwarded by your last med centre to a central point (for the RAF it's PMA at Innsworth, but each service has its own store), where it's retained indefinately.

    A summary is produced (FMed 133 - Medical History On Release From HM Forces), which is handed to the individual for him to give to his shiny new NHS GP. If the GP wants any more info, there's an address on the FMed 133 for him to write to - the relevant stuff can then be extracted from FMed 4, or the CD-Rom system used until 1999.

    There are other records that are kept - theatre log books and inpatient hospital notes, for example, and these are also retained.
  11. Last time i was anywhere near there i shagged a fat bird... Hurrah!
  12. Army Fmed 4s go to Glasgow don't they?