Look's like im getting posted to Wegberg in the New Year (I know it's age's away) and wondered if anyone had any info on the place and the surounding area (Its years since i was last in Germany) and hint and tips re car insurance and stuff. Thanks S-D
My sister was born there.
My wife worked there
(but it was a long time ago...)

However, it was a great area of Germany, Dutch border just down the road (So shops opened after 13:00 on a Saturday, or does that happen in Germany now?)
Locals friendly, towns and cities great. Good access to the Autobahn network so quick to get back to blighty, quick to get south to the sun and no local Inf or Tankie Regts causing mayhem in the town.
JHQ just next door SD. Good night out there. Get yourself a new car (I suppose you will have to learn to drive first) and get over the border to venlo. Go to the Dutch cinemas as the films are all in English. I wish I could get a posting out there. I suppose Mrs Primrose could go there when she has done her Nutty Nurse course.
not to forget munchencrunchen, ideal for a heavy alcohol fuelled night out, The street of a thousand (insert your own ending) arrse holes we called it.

A night club at the top and a knocking shop at the bottom. bliss

god I miss those days.
Wegberg itself now mostly admin offices full of overpaid Guy's and Tommy's types. However, as pointed out, a good location and plenty to do.
Thanks for the replys guys

P&B - just a quick update - I passed my driving test in March, and have a new car already, so any tips on who to approach re insurance etc gratefully recived, and i will get a new car before i come home so long as the rules havent changed. :p

Med man - not sure what i'd need a knocking shop for unless LOA takes a significant dip! But i'd probably have to pay the punters anyway, so thats not an option!!

OH Sh@t !!! get your familys and children off the roads ASAP ! ;)

Ahhhhh I remember BAOR waiting for the 3rd Shock to rock up so I could fight them off with me Bren Gun.

Becks 30p a bottle and Herforder 10 Pack in the NBC filter for those pack lift moments :)
One and a half bucks for 20 tabs, those little bottles of spirits that you bang off the bar before drinking it, that downstairs Irish bar on the Alt Stadt in Dusseldorf, the line men going down the eros at Naafi break on pay day, mine tape for trenches, playing shock in the sqn bar, never paying for public transport, bosh bashing at the weekend, getting your tie cut off by some mad german wifey at the Rosenmontagfest, celebrating the victory of the two world wars at top volume when being kicked out of a pub, gyros.

Some of the things that I miss about Germany. Oh for a decent amount of QA postings there now. I am very very jealous.

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