WEF- An Army's biggest annual deployment during peacetime

I have had the pleasure to observe this event up close a couple of times. The way the Swiss gear up for this event is quite impressive. I reckon their armed forces (for a lack of better purpose) are actually building capacity and training specifically for this event. Up to 5,000 uniformed soldiers are deployed for the week of World Economic Forum. Amongst other things, they provide security, access control, clear the snow and do VVIP transportation with military aircraft and coordinate with the dignitaries' CP Teams and local law enforcement.

Davos, a town of no more than a few square kilometers (though the larger surrounding area is about 280km2), is normally home to about 11,000 people. The town centre is cordoned off completely, unless you have a pass to enter, it is off-limits. Considering it is a major skiing destination, I do wonder how this impacts general tourism. I reckon that most tourists know to stay away during this week. But the deployment isn't limited to ground troops, the airspace over Davos is a no-fly zone and the Swiss Air Force is patrolling with its FA-18's.

Some pics from local newspapers for your perusal:








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