Weetabix apologise for cartoon character "Big Baws"

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by Legallybald, Dec 17, 2012.

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  1. Did a search, it turned up nothing -

    Breakfast cereal maker Weetabix forced to apologise for calling cartoon character

    For those of a soft southern shandy drinking etc, baws = balls.
  2. DC Thompson kept Desperate Dan clean for 80odd years
  3. Will they still be going ahead with their other character, Twelve Inch Blue Veined Junket Pumper?
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  4. They couldn't keep down Beryl the Peril though
  5. Maybe it's just me that thinks this, but "chocolate hoops" is kind of risque too... :? I don't know any parent that would be thrilled to learn that his sprog has just eaten a bowl-ful of chocolate hoops. :? :p8O

    Chocolate Hoops.JPG
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  6. It's worse than you think; they're called 'chocolatey hoops'.
  7. That too. The horror, the horror! :omg: :omfg:
  8. Typical, Arrsers lowering the tone. Kids don't see the double entendre here, just the parents. Hoops to kids are the skid marks left on the toilet tissue. (spoilt little bastards)
  9. "Big baws" .... "Chococlatey hoops"

    This is just a modern day Captain Pugwash isn't it! :threaten:
  10. Don't start with the Pugwash cobblers. The only risque name in that show was in fact the main Character Capt. Pugwash - a slang name for a Victorian douche often found in Brothels. There was no Seaman Stains etc... all bollocks I'm afraid.
  11. What? No instructions to 'Roger the Cabin-boy'?

  12. No I tell a lie.... there was the ship's pet. He was called Cunty the cat. Nobody spotted that one though.
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  13. What a complete over reaction to something so petty. "Big Baws", so what?

    Remember the Weetabix skinheads? They should be brought back. "You make it Neat Weet mate; if you know what's good for you, you do!"