Weespeckt (or some such thing)

Discussion in 'Officers' started by WellesleysHamster, Nov 3, 2006.

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  1. Firstly the subject title. Apologies, it's late: say it like it sounds.
    Secondly, hello everyone.
    Thirdly, the point. I'm currently in the whole RCB process and - whilst I won't actually have to think properly about this for a good long while - the topic of what I'll eventually spend three years of my life doing if I get through Sandhurst has crossed my mind.
    However, as far as I can see lots of people like me have already posted at length asking for advice which has led to lots of repetition. My idea for a novel way of going about getting advice that might actually be interesting for posters/other readers is as follows:
    1. List your regiment.
    2. List the 2 regiments (other than your own) for whom you have the greatest respect/highest regard.

    If you think this sounds like a good idea, feel free to contribute. If you think I'm an idiot, feel free to hurl abuse or to let this sink to the depths of arrse.

    Many thanks
  2. Oh dear.

    For picking such a a poor attampt at an avant-garde avatar, I'd suggest you don your well-deserved kevlar dinner jacket and await the inevitable incoming.

    For the record, mine personal 'faves' are 49 Para (particularly the mortar platoon), closely followed by 88 Regt 'The Two Fat Ladies' , Women's Auxilliary Balloon Corps.
  3. Your way of thinking is highly original.

    That is your problem. RMAS won't like it. You must change the way you think or you will be binned.
  4. You will be assimilated
  5. Don't be such a gimp.

    Do what every other Officer Cadet has ever done:

    List your own two favourites. Apply for both, if they both accept you, choose your favourite, if not, choose the second.

    Don't ask other people to make your mind up for you - I suspect it is not what the Army looks for in its officers.
  6. sheldrake

    sheldrake RIP

    Possibly not someone who will be to the fore in the leaderless tasks?
  7. Can't agree more. Stop trying to buck the system:

    1. If your parents' address is "...... House", join the Guards.
    2. If your parents are also cousins join the Cav.
    3. If you are called Gary but were always good at sports join the Line Inf.
    4. If you know what a 'big end' is join the REME.
    5. If you have ever intentionally clicked on an 'advanced' tab on MS Windows, join the Sigs.
    6. If you already have a tattoo, join the Paras.
    7. If you have no friends and a personal odour problem, join the RMP.
    8. If you want to be surrounded by large, butch women who can bench-press 4-tonners, join the Gunners.
    9. If your role models in life are traffic wardens, Adolf Hitler and local councillors, become a Mover.
  8. :lol:
  9. What did you join then? :D

  10. In fairness to you, I do seem pretty gimpy. I apologise.
    In fairness to me this is exactly what I was trying to avoid doing (not the chosing my own two favourites, I was planning on that, suprisingly). I'm not such a fool as to let anyone make up my mind for me, let alone a random collection of (highly qualified I'm sure) individuals who I don't know on an internet message board. I thought it might be a moderately interesting exercise for those serving and for those interested in serving to observe.
    If you agree, post, if you don't ignore me or unlease your full spleen, just please don't misunderstand the object I had in mind.

    --- Edited to delete woeful attempt at banter ---
  11. 49 Para :D
  12. As you don't appear too hot on the ol' decision making don't bother with the Int Corps however all is not lost getting others to get facts together for you indicates a future as an RMP SIB.
  14. Sounds like my kinda unit - where do I sign? :lol:
  15. Fair enough, but I would say that the question has been asked before.

    Oh, and whats wrong with the Careers thread above?