Weeping angel statue

Discussion in 'Films, Music and All Things Artsy' started by angular, Jun 14, 2010.

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  1. Has anyone seen a statue of the 'weeping angels', from Dr. Who, for sale anywhere?

    I want to put one in a quite corner of the garden to scare the kids :twisted:

    Google doesn't seem to come up with anything suitable, but something with the hands over the face would be perfect.
  2. There only seems to be life-size cardboard cutouts. http://www.starstills.com/products/Weeping-Angel-(Blink-Angel)-(Doctor-Who)-%252d-Lifesize-Cardboard-Cutout-%7B47%7D-Standee.html
  3. Had no idea what you were talking about. Googled it. Surmise that you must hate your kids. Nice work!
  4. Make one from apier mache, mount it on a concealed track. Every day move it nearer and nearer to the house.

    What do you mean they are only kids? Fcuck 'em and eat them!
  5. Hire in a couple of these 'Living Statues' and then when they jump out at the little buggers, I'll bet you'll never, ever have a issue with them again. :twisted:

  6. Brilliant!

    I was wondering what to do for the 6-year-old's next birthday party.

    On a similar vein, I've clearly unearthed a gap in the garden ornament market. Who's in?
  7. Don't get me started. I am going to have to stop talking to you.

    Count me in for the scary garden ornament project. I reckon there is a gap in the market for Cybermen gnomes too.
  8. I seem to remember wheelie bins have already been used to eat people in Dr Who, too. That should be an easy one to manage.
  9. Google "Forbidden Planet" they might have some, there is a shop near me and they seem to have a lot of sci-fi stuff in the window.
  10. you can get 5" statue(tte!)s on Amazon...
  11. I suppose I could put them REALLY close to the house, so they thought they were bigger :?
  12. The first really scary monsters since the original Cybermen!
  13. You could ask these guys where they got theirs from.


    Made me miss a beat as I walked to work half-asleep on the Monday morning after the show...
  14. Sorry I'm to busy to go around scaring Kids at the moment Trying to take over the world is a full time job :twisted:
    But on a serious note it would be difficult to find one because in the show itself the statues were actually actors wearing heavy makeup and masks, made to stand still.